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Shradha Mathur is a student and an ardent technology freak. Sharing her thoughts, ideas and reviews are what makes her keenly interested in the latest launches in the field of technology.

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The Best Chromebook Apps Worth Downloading

Chromebooks are inexpensive laptops that store information in the cloud form, making sure that not much of the space on your system is used up. Saving from virus attacks, the updates are done automatically without the need for manual downloads. Chromebooks stretches with two gains: one battery life and the other offline efficiency. Chromebooks are
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5 Best PS4 Controllers You Should Check

Video Games – The best aim of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences. Most of us had grown up with the original Nintendo or the arcade games. But, the video game culture is changing now and we are in a new era where you find Xbox One, Xbox 360,
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16 Best Apple TV Apps Worth your Time

The home entertainment world is emerging, you can see many companies are manufacturing digital media player that helps you to stream media from your laptop, mobile, etc to your TV. Apple TV is one of the most popular digital media player among those. Good hardware with decent software, including Siri voice command makes Apple TV
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How to Send Money to Friends Using Skype

In the age of technology we all have grown up in the connected world, with Skype, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat and with many other apps. So, today the world is easily accessible through these apps to friends, colleagues or family members. The need of every human gets filled up with these apps. Not only chatting or
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