15 Best Free iOS 10 Widgets You Must Have


Earlier the widgets used to stay in the notification center of your iOS device, but after the release of iOS 10 they are just one or two swipe away anywhere in your iOS. Apple has done a great job by emphasizing on widgets. These iOS 10 widgets can be used to do many things like improving the security of your device and confidential data, get weather information, tracking upcoming events, getting reminders and alerts, watching favourite TV shows or streaming live sports. ths

Here in this article we have listed some of the best iOS 10 widgets to enhance the functionality and help you to take the full advantage of the new feature rich operating system. Most of these best iOS 10 widgets are free and work smoothly with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, some of them are also compatible with Apple Watch.

So, without further adieu, have a look at some of these best free iOS 10 widgets to increase the functionality of your iOS device right away and get all the important information without opening the apps.

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1. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a powerful widget available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The app shared data from the network of 100,000+ personal weather stations. The app lets you know the current conditions of weather from local station. It helps you to stay updated about the temperature. You can swipe through the weather forecast in hourly basis on get the summary of 10 days before making any plan. You can also compare the current weather condition with historical data and measure air quality, local flu outbreaks, UV risk etc. There are multiple layers including radar, heat-map, crowd reports, weather stations, satellite and many more let you see all the data at a glance.


2. Copied

Copied is a robust and highly useful clipboard manager which can be used to save all the data that you copy from the web or other applications such as text, images or links on your clipboard. It is free to download, works fine with iOS 9 or later version and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Copied is a nice widget that lets you edit and merge multiple clippings on a clipboard. There are in-built templates and scripts included too. You can quickly search any content and reformat any data with ease.


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3. The iOS Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an ocean of knowledge with over 39 million articles and can be used to get information about almost anything. The app is free to download and is compatible with iOS 9 and later versions. You can use Spotlight, emojis or even search within the articles to find what you are looking for. You can pickup from the same point where you left the last article and see the latest trends. You can save articles so that you can read them offline. The app provides multilingual support in approximately 300 languages. You can also share articles, images and other facts on your social networks.


4. Countdowns

This useful app helps you to be ready for any upcoming event such as weddings, birthday etc. There are various countdown included in this app that can go into the feature as well as the past. You can countdown important occasions of life using separate images for each countdown. The app is localized in multiple languages and is free to download. The app works fine with iOS 8 and later versions.


5. Authy

It is a robust app which provides a two-step authentication process to avoid any unauthorized access to your device and data. In case you loose the phone, then also you won’t the credentials for your accounts as Authy provides secure and encrypted cloud backup. They use the same algorithm to protect your data which are used in banks and NSA. If you add any device to your account, all your two factor tokens get synchronized automatically with Authy. The app is very useful to keep your device and accounts safe from hackers and comes for free. It is available for iOS 7 or later versions.


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ESPN is one of the most popular sports app available and provides real-time scores and live videos, latest news and many more directly on your device. The app is free to download and is compatible with iOS 9 and later versions. You can sign in and personalize your ESPN app to get alerts about your favourite teams or leagues anywhere anytime. You can stream live events and minute to minute news with a single tap. You can also stream Live regional and national ESPN Radio stations.


7. Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet widget is specifically designed for such small things that we usually don’t remember such as  ID numbers,  license plates,  luggage combination etc. We can write that information in Cheatsheet and refer to them anytime and even paste them somewhere else using the custom keyboard. There is no need to unlock the phone and go to the notes app for such matters. The app has a simple interface which lets you manage and add new cheat sheets. There are multiple hint icons which help you the find things quickly. However, there is no other security provided so we do not recommend users to save confidential data like password or personal details.


8. Television Time

Do you often forget to watch your favourite TV show? If yes, then the Television Time is highly recommended for you. This app helps you to track your favourite shows and even find new one directly from your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. The app has a simple yet attractive design and provides easy navigation between TV shows and their episodes. It also gives you notification that your favourite program is arriving soon. The widget features Spotlight indexing and lets you see information about everyday TV shows quickly. You can even get details about cast and crew, export any episode to the calendar and see the time spent on TV.


9. Steve

Steve is a jumping dinosaur widget game that can be played anytime by dragging down the top of your screen and accessing the notification center. New characters have been added in the latest version which make the game more captivating. In order to achieve the highest score, you need to make him jump and avoid obstacles. The game is free to download, works fine with iOS 9 and later versions and is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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10. Shazam

If you are a music lover and seeking for an app which provides you the music you are looking for with a huge variety and lyrics of your favourite songs, or you are a passionate musician who wants to discover music of its own kind then this app is recommended for you. Shazam is one of the most popular apps and is being used by thousands of people across the globe. It is free to download and available for iOS 8 and later versions. It gives you access to YouTube videos and song lyrics. You can see the preview of any song and add into your playlist if you wish to.


11. Go Launcher

It is a powerful tool which can be really useful to speed up your workflow. Go Launcher is a notification center widget that provides instant access to applications, contacts and websites. The launcher can be accessed anywhere while even using another application or from the home screen. It lets you directly create a new message or email or make a phone call and saves your time and efforts. You can use any website without the URL and launch your favourite application without wasting time to find that. The app is free to download and requires iOS 8 or later versions to work.


12. gTasks

If you have a Gmail account, then gTasks app is useful for you because it syncs your Gmail and Google task with all your Apple devices. The app doesn’t require permanent internet connection to function and as soon as it gets the internet, syncs the updated tasks. You work without any interruption from any of your device whether you are at home or at the office. The app sync tasks between iPhone and iPad as well. You can share tasks with your friends and colleagues as well. It is free to download and is available for iOS 8 and later versions.


13. Tweety

The app works fine with both iPhone and iPad, is free to download and compatible with iOS 8 or later versions. This app adds a Twitter widget to the notification center of your device and after that you can check your Twitter feed without unlocking the phone or even while using another app. You can also retweet, like any or open the tweet from the widget directly in the default twitter app. It lets you view all the details of your twitter timeline such as recent news, quotes, facts, mentions without leaving the app you are using.


14. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 calendar app that flaunts an attract and easy to use interface and offers great functionality. The app can be used to see all events and dated reminders in a single main list. It provides a magnificent week view by rotating the iPhone into landscape mode and lets users create reminders and alerts in a fun way. If you don’t use app so often in that situation also it can update reminders, event and updates in the background. The app is not free and requires iOS9.3 or later versions to function.


15. PCalc

It is one of the best calculator widget available in the market and is definitely a perfect choice for those who are seeking for a feature rich calculator. The app offers multi-line display and includes an optional RPN mode. Other features such as multiple button layouts, variety of unit conversions and constant sets, scientific and engineering notation are also included to enhance capabilities. The app also provides support for  hexadecimal, binary and octal calculations. The app isn’t free and requires iOS 8 or later versions to function.


Hopefully the list of best iOS 10 widgets we have provided will help you to make the most of your iOS 10 by using this splendid widgets that not just enhance the functionality but also makes our daily lives better. Feel free to share your experience with us about the above useful free iOS10 widgets and do not hesitate to give your valuable feedback.


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