The Best iPhone X Cases and Covers


iPhone X is the latest buzz in the smartphone market. Everyone is drooling over this bezel-less screen smartphone that comes with no home buttons and you have to rely on smart gestures only. It has a Face Recognition ID as there is no Fingerprint sensor in the phone. However, we are not here to talk about the iPhone X features. This article is focused on best iPhone X cases and covers that will protect your phone from many unwanted damages.

If you have iPhone X, this is the right time to invest some money and choose the best iPhone X case or cover that will protect your delicate phone from scratches, dust, water spills and much more.

These cases for iPhone X are different in terms of looks, durability, quality and protection status. You can choose according to your needs. You can also check our list of best iPhone 8 cases and covers which we covered a few days before.

For now, let’s get back to the 14 iPhone X cases and covers and we recommend you to order them before getting the phone, unless you already have it, so that your delicate device will be protected from the first day.

1. Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone X Case

The onlookers who are searching for a hard shell iPhone X case, your search ends up here. This iPhone X case from Spigen has a hard frame with flexible TPU a grip which unquestionably protects the phone while dropping because of air cushion technology. This improved frame is unbreakable at cutouts which therefore increases its durability.



2. ESR Mattee Soft Gel TPU Cover for iPhone X

Looking for iPhone X case which is ultra thin, slim fit. If yes, then this cover is for you. It is being provided with flexible TPU which is easy to put in and take away. Many of us face the problem of scratches on the case so to avoid this, it comes with matte texture for the long-term usage. Another advantage to buy this cover is its be level, which means it is one level up from the screen and the camera lens.



3. Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone X Case

We always prefer the case which is entirely fit into the pocket. This Spigen hybrid case protects your gadget from getting damaged because of drop protection. Its slim look with no thickness features gets easily fits into the pocket. The cover has a hard PC case and TPU bumper which thereby offers a perfect grip with the non slippery material. The transparency gives its original design of the phone with the buttons which are easy to feel and press while the large cutouts fits the cable.



4. Caseology Geometric Design Case for iPhone X

This is one of the best cases for iPhone X. If you like the geometric pattern on the cover then this is for you. One of the reasons for this cover is the shock absorption technology. This case has better grip with thin and dual layer which protects it from sudden drop. Another advantage is their precise cutout which helps in easy response of the buttons.



5. Caselogy Skyfall Series Ultra Slim Transparent Case for iPhone X

For the users who wants to go quite simple for their gadget. This cover model is transparent, classy, crystal clear, stain free and is free from scratches. It is a thin stiff wrap which absorbs shock from the corners. Once again with the precise cutouts it helps in quick response to the buttons. This is one of the best iPhone cases that shows the beauty of the phone with its transparent look.



6. iPhone X Rugged Case With Kickstand

We give it as a one of the best iPhone X rugged cases that looks good too. While watching any of the movies or videos on the cell phone we keep on finding the support which can withstand it. Now you don’t need any support while watching your favorite shows as it comes with a kickstand. It’s another preference is the rotable belt, which rotates with 180° rotating removable holster. This cover is shock resistant and has raised edges, protecting it from scratches or stain. This tough, rigid, protective hard polycarbonate PC plastic iPhone X case guards from harsh drop also.



7. Caseology Rugged Protection Textured Grip for iPhone X

Most of us need the case which fits into the pocket. This time the case is flexible and pocket-friendly which easily fits into them. The three-dimensional textured cover comes with grip protection and enhanced shock absorption capability. This thin cover is well-suited with the third-party iPhone X accessories as well. Even though it has a protective TPU case which avoids it from drop protection. The precise cutout helps in better response of the buttons.



8. Berry Impact Hybrid Case for iPhone X

Now keep all essential things in the case such as visiting cards, credit cards, etc. Yes, it is possible with Berry Impact Resistant Hybrid phone. You can securely keep utmost two cards and money in the back sliding door. The inner lining is of rubber which would safe your cards from scratches. This phone offers the dual protection one with a raised edge and the other with a TPU lip from hitting the ground.



9. iPhone X Cow Leather Case

Looking for leather case for iPhone X, then this is one of the best. This time reliving with the introduction of high quality and good texture leather case made with cow which is well perfect for the cool device. The most attractive is its sleek design and slim fit which is probably the first choice of the users. With the little twist from the above case your essentials can be kept in the pocket with more convince. Again, it cares for scratches, shocking, dust and fingerprints.



10. Grovemade Rugged iPhone X Case

Are you ready to shop for exclusive and the best case cover which perfectly secures your phone from six feet dropping. The new shatterproof, lightweight and shock absorbing technology, which combines with two materials the aluminium and the rigid frame with no joints or screws. Therefore, it can be regarded as one of the best looking iPhone X case which is made by Grovemade company. The phone is totally protected in the elastomer where you can easily take off your phone when needed. You can choose any of the material which best suits you.


11. Military Grade Protection Case

Often the mobile phones are dropped from our hands and from the pockets and gets broken. With this Mous Limitless military grade protection case for iPhone X, your phone can withstand falls from height or multiple times won’t scratch a screen or broke easily. It comes with multi real shades such as Shell, Bamboo, Walnut, Carbon Fibre, Leather, etcc which looks super cool.


12. Peel Super Thin iPhone X Case

This is one of the most super thin case for iPhone X. The Peel is the original and the best iPhone X Case which has yet come out. With its sleek case it would then be still protecting it from damage. Its lips still protect the camera lens from damage.



13. ESR Marble Pattern iPhone X Case

These days you see many companies offering cases that have marble pattern style. If you like such cases, this is one of the best iPhone X cases that is made by ESR company. This marble pattern is provided with a sleek soft design which is free from fingerprints and is scratch free. It supports wireless charging as well as easy access to speakers and port without removing the case. Protect the screen and camera with a raised cover from above.




14. ArmourDillo iPhone X Tough Case

One of the best iPhone X cases which is made of scratch proof, rigid, non slippery material with a unique textured grid design. It comes with kickstand which is best suited while viewing or watching movies or chatting with friends. So from now you don’t need to keep anything as a back support. This is regarded as the most convenient and the best cover provided by iPhone X.



These are the best iPhone X cases and covers which we have found for you. Which one you like out of these iPhone X cases and covers? Write us in the comments section below.


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