11 Innovations Coming in Samsung’s 2016 TV Range

Today you will find Television in almost every home, even if you visit to any rural area as it has become a crucial part of our daily life. There was a time when people used to watch their favourite serials on CRT TVs than technology evolved and flat LCD and LED TVs came into the market.

There are many companies in the market one of them named ‘Samsung’ has continuously performed well and that’s why people rush to buy its products all the time. Samsung Electronics, one of the leading brand in the television industry unveiled its 44 new models of TVs in India. The new TV models are introduced with Samsung’s significant innovations and excellent designs. These models are lined up in,


Samsung’s new range of SUHD TVs exceeds other premium TVs of the market due to its bezel-free curved design to give awesome viewing experience. Quantum Dot colour and HDR 1000 increase the clarity and show bright visuals with more colours. Various models of SUHD TVs are available from 49 inch to 88 inches in size and priced from INR 1,79,900 to INR 23,99,900 as per the model.


Smart TV

The smartness of the TV due the innovative techniques by Samsung reflects in Smart Content, Smart Interface, Smart play and Smart Convergence. The Samsung’s Smart TV models are available from 32 inch to 88 inch in various sizes and price range dwells from INR 34,500 to INR 703,900.


Joy Beat TV

These revolutionary devices are created for music lovers. The new retro chic design includes front faced speakers along with tweeters to give clear and loud sound. Joy Beat TV models are available in 32 inch to 49 inch sizes and priced from INR 27,900 to INR 69,500.


Now let’s have a look at those 11 innovative technologies in 2016 Samsung TV’s range, which will take the TV experience to another level.

1. Quantum Dot Colour

This technology is used in SUHD range and offers high-end picture quality with remarkable brightness and contrast that makes the pictures more live and beautiful. This technology has the ability to give detailed images with the expression of one billion colours and enables 64 times extra colour shades than an ordinary UHD TV.

2. HDR 1000

From 2016 all Samsung SUHD TVs will feature a high dynamic range of imaging with 1000 nit brightness so that users can experience much brighter pictures and more detailed view of dark images.

3. Cric-o-Mania App

This application is specially developed for Indian consumers who love Cricket by Samsung Research Institute Delhi to give the latest update of a live cricket match to the users even if they are watching another channel with the live ticker. Users can also cheer for their favourite team by choosing a cheer buddy. You can download the app from Google Play Store or here’s the direct link.


4. Auto Device Detection with single Remote

The Smart TV doesn’t need multiple remote controls and has the ability to recognize the device such as a game console, home theatre system and set-top box attached to the system. User can control all detected devices with the smart remote without and set up.

5. Bezel-less Curved Design

The SUHD TVs are the first bezel-less Curved TVs in the world. It enables surround view and enhances the clarity of elevation view without bezel that holds the transparent covering.


6. Convergence over Platforms

Users can connect multiple phones with the Smart TV to share pictures, music and videos with family members and watch their favorite mobile content on TV screen due to The upgraded Smart View app which provides a junction across various platforms. This app is available on Samsung Galaxy, Windows computers, iOS and Android devices.

7. 2 Way Bluetooth Audio Streaming

The new Smart TV allows users to connect their smartphone with their TV via Bluetooth and play their favourite music which is saved in their phone. They can even connect the phone when the TV is in standby mode. This technology also lets user connect their TV with Bluetooth speakers and Home Theatre wirelessly and listen to their favourite songs anywhere within the range.

8. Customizable UI with Single Access

This technology provides one integrated platform to multiple content. Users get the facility to re-arrange their apps as per their own preference by customizing the Smart hub interface, content tiles and apps. They can also navigate quickly from one app to another and switching between game consoles and live tv is simpler now.


9. Touch Pad Remote of Smart View App

The Samsung Smart View app, lets user view the contact of their mobile and computer on their Smart TV, this time it has in-built touch pad remote facility which allows users go through their favourite content via their smart phone and use it as a remote control.


10. Virus Free TV with Extendable Memory

Now you can download as many games and other useful apps as you want from the Samsung Apps Store and store them in an external device so that you can use them offline when you need. It is possible because of the extendable memory which comes along with smart security feature to protect your TV from virus and other threats.

11. Integrated Sound Station

The new models of Joy Beat series come with a new retro chic design which includes front firing speakers with tweeters to deliver loud sound with a crisp voice for the best bass.

Samsung has offered a range of products with outstanding features and that’s why it is highly recommended among the Indian consumers. Those who want to experience quality service can definitely go for them.


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