LeEco Launched Three 4K Android Powered Super TVs in India

LeEco (Leshi Internet Information & Technology) launched its new series of remarkable Super3 Ecosystem TVs. The three TVs – Super3 X55, Super3 X65 and Super3 Max65 brag 3D display technology. The new TVs are a great combination of Ecosystem with magnificent functionalities.

By introducing these new TV sets LeEco has expanded its globally recognized TV business and ready to storm the Indian market through setting new definitions of entertainment. All three TVs are capable of delivering top-notch performance and can take your viewing experience to another level. Lets see what makes these LeEco Super TV’s special and stand them out of the crowd.

LeEco Super3 Max65

LeEco Super3 Max65 is the world’s first 163.9 cm Super Eco launched by LeEco. This impressive 3D model defines all new 3D experience on TV screens. The sleek design resembles the Northern European style with eco-friendliness, slim metal body, narrow borders, slim body, and outstanding contrast give a high-tech feel.


The Super3 Max65 offers Ultra HD display of 8.29 million pixels with 3840 x 2160 resolution which is four times of 1080p the resolution. The screen has the splendid potential to display colours with 85% NTSC. Super3 Max65 features a slim body of 18.5 mm thickness along with a narrow bezel of 8.9 mm.

LeEco Super3 Max65 is powered by A17 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU and the Mali-T760 quad-core GPU coupled with 3 GB speedy ARM to assure lighting fast loading of HD videos, games and smooth running of daily used apps. The 120 Hz panel bundled with Novatek 72324 MEMC chip adds advantage to the distinctive technology.


It features a FPR polarized LCD TV technology along with high-speed processing, vivid colour and quick graphic interpretation that provides stunning 3D visuals with minimal strain on eyes without any flicker or crosstalk.

Digital audio SPIDIF to give support for multichannel surround sound and professional audio. The output also supports coaxial dual function along with various headsets.

The TV is priced at INR 149,790 in India and available on LeMall and Flipkart.

LeEco Super TV Super3 X65

LeEco Super3 X65 is a 163.9 cm Super Flagship TV LeEco and a perfect blend of ecosystems and the internet. The TV has a light body and stylish design with 10.9 mm thickness and 13.0 mm narrow bezel. Single wavelength/frequency coated wire drawing metal work emanates high standards. The Super TV’s world class industrial design is fully eco-friendly and protected by materials like lead and chromium.


The Super TV offers 4K Ultra HD display with 8.29 million pixels on the screen which is more than enough to provide a detailed view. It also allows users to watch Full HD and 4K videos or movies with an ease. It includes state-of-the-art type 14 core display technologies to ensure unambiguous in-depth viewing.

The TV screen offers a wide-angle of 178 degrees for viewing along with wide colour range of up to 85% NTSC and vivid colours to provide more clarity and allows all  family members to sit together and watch TV from any part of the room.

The Super TV also boasts highly compatible multi-purpose ports for large-scale external multimedia devices to meet the expectation of every user and allow them to play games, share images and watch Blue-ray videos comfortably. Its ability of quick copying of 4K videos, 10 times faster access to external devices, fast display of pictures, suitable connectivity, compatibility with a wide range of audio, video and image formats makes it highly preferable for each person at home.

Super3 X65 is powered by 1.4 GHz Cortex A72 x 4 CPU and Mali – T760MP4 x 4 GPU that goes up to 326G flops and provide an output rate of 1.39 billion. This powerful processor gives advanced computing ability and fast processing rate. Super3 X65 offers 3GB DDR3 RAM and inbuilt 16GB eMMC Flash storage for a higher-level of performance.


LeEco Super3 X65 is priced at INR 99,790 in India and exclusively available on LeMall and Flipkart.

LeEco Super TV Super3 X55

LeEco Super 3 X55 is a Flagship 139.7 cm Screen TV launched by LeEco to redefine the entertainment experience for Indian viewers.

The design aesthetics clearly define the artistic approach with the combination of advance technology. The TV looks stylish with the aluminium alloy base and boasts a narrow bezel of 6.9 mm. Super3 X55 has a lean body and light design with 15.5 mm of thickness. It offers 4K and Full HD (1080p) video quality to deliver a perfect viewing experience while watching a movie.


The Super TV sports a low latency process to cut the time between a frame capturing and its display, which allows users to interact with their video content on real-time basis. This facility makes this TV highly useful for video conferencing and live sports.

Periodic Pattern Detail Optimization (PPDO) provide finest and detailed visuals and ensure the fully immersive digital TV experience.

The Super3 X55 is Powered by the MSD 6A928 including 1.4 GHz Cortex A72 x 4 CPU and Mali – T760MP4 x 4 GPU for advanced computing along with higher processing rate and delivers of superb graphics, high quality and smooth multitasking ability with less power consumption.

Super3 X55 packs a high-speed RAM of 2GB DDR3 and inbuilt storage capacity of 8GB eMMC Flash. It boasts a 4K hardware decoder for H.265 (High Efficiency Video Coding) videos at 60fps including the latest top 4KTV chip MStar 6A928 to deliver and outstanding viewing experience.


The TV is priced at INR 59,790 and available on LeMall and Flipkart.

Other Powerful Common Features

All new Super TVs support three HDMI 2.0 ports that offer data transfer bandwidth of up to 18 GB and receive 4K Ultra HD signals @ 60fps for sleek motion, two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 inputs that are compatible with various devices let users connect them with cable boxes and the gaming consoles easily.

The Super TVs run on latest android based operating system and the LeEco system EUI coupled with the comfort of clear EPG program instructions which make them easy to use and offer a live broadcast of multiple content. The TVs are packed with a huge collection of over 500+ 3D movies and complementary passive 3D shutter glasses to make sure an extraordinary cinematic experience.


All three Super TVs offer world-class audio quality and equipped with DTS-HD premium, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus sound applications.

To enhance the Wi-Fi performance, all TVs are equipped with the dual band 802.11 Ac Wi-Fi standard. The sport 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz that offers up to 866 Mbps of Wi-Fi connection along with Mu-MIMO technology to assure less intrusion from other devices. Their screens have the ability to detect long-range wireless control due to its BLE 4.0 technology. You can watch television and play video games without disturbing other people using a powerful Bluetooth earphone or console.

All 3 TVs are packed with Super-Remote 3 which is the smartest remote in the market and give quick access due to its our-direction navigation buttons. It also includes gyro sensor which can be used to control multiple devices and air mouse to connect to the TV screen.


All Three TVs are bundled with 2 years VIP membership worth INR 9,800 if bought separately.


LeEco is a China based multinational company which initially launched its smartphone to dig in the Indian market and gained success. Later on they came up with their own e-commerce marketplace LeMall which has also received good response from the Indian crowd till now. The company has become well-known in this country and now all set to enter in the television market by unveiling its revolutionary products at a decent price.

Though, many competitors like Samsung and LG are already very popular here, and  it won’t be an easy journey for this Chinese tech giant, but people always look for better quality and good performance, which clearly reflect on LeEco’s products so there is a possibility that these new TVs may become hit in near future.


  1. What does complementary 3D passive shutter glasses mean, because shutter 3D glasses are active not passive, so which is the TV and glasses, active or passive?


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