15 Things to do After Buying LG V20

LG V20 is a one the best smartphone available in the market and includes many qualities that make it preferable for almost everyone. LG V20 has a powerful processor, excellent camera, strong battery and awesome display. There are many awesome reasons to buy LG V20 which we shared with you a few days before. If
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The Best Camera Smartphones of Year 2016

The camera quality of smartphones has been improved a lot in the past couple of years and now people use them more often to capture precious movements of their lives and share those images across various social networks. It is advisable to be aware of few factors that determine the performance a camera such as
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8 Awesome Reasons to Buy LG V20

LG has already launched its latest flagship smartphone V20 which is getting good response from users as well. LG V20 runs on Android Nougat, which is available on few smartphone only at the movement. LG V20 is strongly built, but doesn’t feel heavy in hands. In fact, its beautiful design provides good grip and looks
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Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Surface Studio All-in-one PC

In a media briefing on 26th October, 2016, Microsoft announced the launch of a new all-in-one desktop PC Surface Studio which has all the quality to amaze people and storm the market. Another important announcement was Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update which comes with bundles of awesome features. Microsoft Surface Studio has a distinctive design
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10 Best Windows 10 Creators Update Features We Loved the Most

Microsoft revealed information about its next significant upgrade in the current operating system Windows 10 namely Creators Update. Windows 10 Creators Update will have a futuristic approach and include many features that may become essential for the users after a couple of years. Globally, more than 400 million people use Windows 10 and it has been
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Videocon New Flagship Phone Ultra50 Will be Coming Soon for Rs.8,990

Videocon unveiled its latest flagship smartphone Ultra50 which will be available from November 2016. Videocon Ultra50 offers a lot at a very decent price and includes some innovative features such as Front Facing Fingerprint Sensor and ‘SOS-Be Safe’ app to enhance the functionality as well. Videocon Ulta50 looks premium and can be handled easily with a single
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