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The Best Chromebook Apps Worth Downloading

Chromebooks are inexpensive laptops that store information in the cloud form, making sure that not much of the space on your system is used up. Saving from virus attacks, the updates are done automatically without the need for manual downloads. Chromebooks stretches with two...

How to Upload Photos to Instagram from your Desktop

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms that people all across the world are using to upload their pictures. Not everybody is a posting just their pictures, people are posting pictures they have clicked. Infact, Instagram has become a great platform...

How to Take Screenshot in Chrome OS

Let me ask you all one simple questions. While working on some article you have to take screenshots. Isn't it? Well, how do you do that? I am sure you use some kind of tools. From Windows to Mac and others, I have worked...

How to Find Out Fake News Site in Google Chrome

We have seen recently that during the U.S. President elections, many people got influenced by rumours and as a result a demand of putting a restriction on such sources is ramping up. There are multiple sites on the internet that produce fake news and...