The Best iOS 11 Hidden Features

A few days before, Apple introduced iOS 11 with many new features to give a better productivity to the Apple users. We are sure many of you already upgraded your iPad and iPhone and enjoying the best iOS 11 features. Most of the iOS 11 features this time are introduced for Apple iPad but there
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7 Features Users Want to See in iOS 11

Apple is one of the most favourite companies of techie freaks. iOS gadgets be it iPad or iPhone, they are just super cool in terms of style and smart functionality. I am nowhere being biased, but there are people who want to own Apple devices for the miscellaneous good reasons of their own. I am
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8 Best Free iPhone Video Editing Apps

A video editing tool can turn a normal footage into an eye-catching video which is essential for those who upload their videos with a desire to get maximum views on multiple platforms. There are multiple iPhone video editing apps available that allow users to edit videos and improve the quality by adding multiple features such
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