15 Things to do After Buying LG V20


LG V20 is a one the best smartphone available in the market and includes many qualities that make it preferable for almost everyone. LG V20 has a powerful processor, excellent camera, strong battery and awesome display. There are many awesome reasons to buy LG V20 which we shared with you a few days before.

If you have bought LG V20 recently, there are few things that you have to do after booting up the device for the first time. Here in this article we have listed all those features that can prove to be highly useful and mentioned those things that are advisable to be done after purchasing LG V20.

All these features can be enabled by following simple steps. So, let’s have a look at some of the important things to do after buying LG V20.

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1. Buy a Suitable Cover

LG V20 has a durable body that provides a good amount of protection but still due to its large display (which is prone to accidental drops) it is advisable to cover it with a case that not just keeps the screen safe from any unwanted scratch and dust but also gives you the chance to change the look of you device. You can find the collection of best LG V20 cases and covers from here.


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2. Secure the Phone with your Fingerprint

When you buy and turn on the LG V20 for the first time, it takes you through the setup process and in between ask you to record your fingerprint and choose a backup method to unlock the device. After that, we recommend users to save additional fingerprint to unlock the content in a secure manner by following the steps given below.

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap on Fingerprints and security
  • Now tap on Fingerprints
  • You will see Add fingerprint next to the (+) sign, tap on it
  • You will get the option to scan your fingerprint, do that


3. Adjust Display As Per your Requirement

LG V20 has a large display and usually the icons and text are huge which may not suit some of the users. Though, the latest Android Nougat allows users to  customize the display as per their convenience.

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Select Display
  • Scroll down to find Display size on the list, tap on it
  • Move the slider available to enlarge or shrink the user interface


4. Change the Colour of the Navigation Bar

LG V20 runs on Android Nougat and has a UI skin at the top of it which has certain things that may seem unfamiliar. For instance, by default the navigation bar that incorporates on-screen buttons is white looks too bright, specially in low light conditions that’s why it is advisable to change the colour to black.

  • Open the Settings app from the home screen
  • Tap on Display
  • At the bottom you will find Home touch buttons, tap on it
  • Under Button Combination, tap on Colour
  • Select Black and tap on OK


5. Bring App Drawer to the Home Screen

You won’t find the App Drawer on the default Home Screen and to get that back you need to replace the home screen with the option provided by LG.

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Tap on Home Screen
  • Select Home
  • Select Home and App Drawer from the list

Once you get the new Home screen, Tap on three vertical dot Menu icon and select View app by to open App Drawer which will help you next time to find any app quickly.


6. Customize the Secondary Display

Initially the Secondary display of LG V20 looks like nothing more than a trick intended to grab attention but once you set it up, it proves to be very useful. You can easily take the advantage of multiple options available and add most commonly used apps without any hassle.

  • Launch Settings from the Home screen
  • Select Second Screen

It will show you two options Show when the main screen on and Show when the main screen off, tap on the words instead of the toggle button and it will bring more options in front of you such as Quick Tools, App Shortcut etc.


7. Turn on Smart Settings

Smartphones are expected to improve our daily life and LG might have made the V20 with the same mindset that’s why the phone includes an innovative feature called Smart Setting that automates small but important functions that affect us a lot, all you need to do is just set them up once.

  • Open Settings app
  • Select Smart Settings

The first two options would be At Home and Away from Home that will allow the phone to turn Wi-Fi/Bluetooth on or off while coming to or leaving home automatically. The other two options are When earphone plugged in and When Bluetooth device is connected to open any specific app accordingly.


8. Enable Screen Pin to Lock Others on Any Specific App/Screen

It is always risky to hand over the phone to someone else to make a call or use a specific application for a while because you phone contains sensitive data. The LG V20 users can restrict other people from accessing your confidential data and lock them on a particular app or screen through Screen Pin feature.

  • Launch the Settings app from the Home screen
  • Tap on Fingerprints and security
  • Scroll down and tap on Screen Pin
  • Toggle it to turn Screen Pin option
  • Enable Pin with the screen lock too

After this you would be able to activate Screen Pin feature any time by following the steps given below

  • Open the app you want to pin
  • You can tap on the Overview button to see recently used app
  • Swipe to the screen and tap the pushpin button to pin it (located at the bottom right corner)
  • You will get a confirmation message saying “Pin this screen to only use this app?”, tap on Pin to confirm
  • You will get a message that ‘Screen is Pinned’
  • To unpin the screen later, hold the back button and go back to the lock screen
  • Unlock the phone and get the Home screen as usual


9. Utilize Game Battery Saver to Increase Battery Life

The battery of the phone drains out quickly and the device also turns hot when you play a video game. Some games like Pokémon Go use the GPS of the phone as well, which increases burden on CPU. LG V20 has a feature that reduces the frame rate and turns down the screen resolution while playing a game and extends your battery life namely Game Battery saver.

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Tap on Battery and Power saving
  • At the bottom you will find Game battery save, tap on the words rather than the toggle switch to get more options.
  • There you will see three options, Base optimization, Full Optimization and Optimization by game

The last option let you choose from three levels of resolution and frame rate, normal, low and high. You can tweak those settings to achieve optimal performance of individual games and save battery at the same time.


10. Increase the Speed of Animations

LG V20 offers fast and smooth navigation and there are multiple ways to enhance the make user interface more catchy. For example, you can enhance the speed of animations and it will eventually improve your viewing experience too.

  • Launch the Settings app from the Home Screen
  • Scroll down and find About Phone from the list, tap on it
  • Select Software Info
  • Tap on Build Number seven times
  • A message ‘You are now a developer’ will appear
  • Go back to the Settings screen and tap on Developer options
  • Tap on Window animation scale and select .5x
  • Tap on Transition animation scale and select .5x
  • Tap on Animator duration scale and choose .5x


11. Turn on Mini Display

Mini display is a feature that reduces the size of the entire user interface and everything on the screen appears to become smaller which makes it easy to operate the phone and reach buttons with one hand. In order to turn this feature on you need to,

  • Open Settings
  • Select Display from the list
  • Scroll down and toggle Mini View to turn it on


12. Learn How to Recover a Lost or Stolen Phone

The LG V20 has an in-built feature called ‘Android Device Manager’ that helps you the to recover the phone or erase all the sensitive data if your phone is lost or gets stolen. In order  to make the most of it you should know how to use it.

  • Find you phone from the drop down list

You will see a map showing your device and displaying three options Ring, Lock and Erase that can be used to find the phone, lock it if it wasn’t unlocked and erase the data/content to keep up your privacy .

13. Quick Shot and Shortcut Keys

The LG V20 features few shortcut keys that help you to access specific applications quickly. For instance, you can press volume up key twice to turn capture+ feature on and volume down key twice to turn the camera on. You can also enable an additional feature called quick shot to take pictures immediately after turning on the camera.

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Select Shortcut keys under system
  • Toggle Shortcut keys to turn it on
  • You can also Toggle Quick shot to turn that feature on if you wish to


14. Use Google Photos to Backup Images

We capture most of our precious movements from out phone camera and store those images in the device but in case if the phone gets stolen or due to any reason we format the phone then we loose all those pictures. LG V20 users can backup their images in Google Photos for free and can recover them anytime as per their need, you can store videos upto 1080p in Google Photos too.

  • Launch Google Photos
  • Swipe from the left to open the slide out menu
  • Select Settings
  • Tap on Backup and Sync and turn it on

There are multiple options to customize your photo or video backup such as While charging only that allows back up only when the device is plugged into the charger and you can choose to backup over cellular data of when connected to Wi-Fi.


15. Notifications on the Lock Screen

Usually the LG V20 doesn’t showcase any sensitive data on the lock screen, but if you want to see your messages and notifications from social networking app over there then you can alter settings anytime.

  • Launch Settings app from the home screen
  • Select Notification from the list
  • Tap on Lock Screen
  • It will show you three options, select Show all Notifications and tap OK


LG V20 is a powerful device that is backed with the next generation Android Nougat and offers multiple useful features to enhance the telephoning experience of the users. We can make the most of this extraordinary phone by enabling the above mentioned features and make the device most suitable for our daily task and routine.

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  1. I prefer a lot of on-screen space. I have a Samsung Note 3.
    It is a true 5.7 screen with control buttons on bottom panel.
    I run apps that use a lot of space like long lists of stocks, options, etc.

    V20 is advertised as a 5.7 screen like the Samsung Note series.
    But on screen controls Triangle, Circle, Square reduce screen space
    to less than that of an Apple 7 plus screen space.

    Can those Controls b turned off? Or hidden?
    If not, then I would prefer an Apple 7 Plus or a legacy Note 5 LTE.
    There is a lot to like about V20, like Snap Dragon 820,
    Too bad they ruined the screen size with not so cool controls.

    • They are customizable but remain on Unless you’re using apps, watching videos, taking pics/videos, then they disappear. They really aren’t a big deal. I came from Note 4 and the v20 blows the pants off it. Plus the specs, when you compare it to Isuck7, galaxy7, pansypixel etc, are hard to beat. Its very durable and has a tough screen unlike iPhone screens that break too easily. The camera is incredible for a phone, so if you’re like me and use your phone for taking pictures then this is the way to go.

  2. I can’t get my notifications to make noise on my v20. I have them set up but no sound comes. I get the notifications in the notification screen but no sound. Can someone please help. Thank you.

    • I have an LG V20 that I love. Several things happened last week and I lost the real second screen icons. Calls to LG and Spring Tech have been a waste of time.

      I can get quick tools (line drawings & limited) & I can get real icons from “recent apps.”

      I’d had five apps set permanently but they’re gone. How do I bring up my choice of apps again? (I don’t have a case cause I’m disabled and don’t move around much.) I set the phone to tell it it has the LG case, but no joy, whether not I tell it there’s a case.

      What am I missing or did some fool update these icons out of existence?

      Thanks for the info you’ve posted.

    • Notifications sound can be unset a couple of places. Make sure you haven’t shut if notifications in the app list under Settings.

      Back in Settings, under General, Sound Profile, make sure it’s set to Sound (you can add Vibrate below).

      Next, go down to Sound, Volume, and make sure Notifications is loud enough to hear. As far as selecting the various sounds, some are not loud enough to wake me, but I can sleep through explosions and gunfights (life in the city), so I expect most folks hear them fine!

      Good luck. I love the V20. (I’ve had cell phones for over 25 years and it’s a good phone.)

  3. This phone is terrible it will not send text messages…they claim it’s bc the phone is too advanced. I’m livid & now stuck with 2 that don’t work.

  4. LG V20 is a good phone, but I have to desagree about the “strong battery”. My Lg G5, with MY normal use, last about 2 days, this V20 lasts one day. So I think something is wrong, maybe the second display uses to much battery…..

  5. I just ended up with an LG v20 H990ds (the dual sim version) It is a shame that LG didn’t unlock the bootloader considering this is the international carrier unlocked version.
    I ended up rooting it via a complicated process on XDA-developers but it sounds to me that this would have been a killer phone it they allowed unlocking the bootloader.


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