16 Hidden iOS 11 Features you Might Not Know About


Apple has recently made an announcement for iOS 11 which will be available for end users by this fall. If you are a hardcore fan of Apple then am sure you would have by now hogged down everything that the company said about it and probably downloaded iOS 11 Public beta. We are sure you must be discovering new features after downloading iOS 11 Public beta. We are sure you must be loving new iOS 11 features, but if you still want to downgrade iOS 11 Beta to iOS 10, do check the article.

However, there is a lot more when it comes to iOS 11 features other than what the company has said till now. While using public beta, we have discovered some hidden iOS 11 features that we believe not many know about. This article will be discussing all those hidden iOS 11 features that you can use after downloading it on your iPhone or iPad.

So, without further adieu, have a look at all iOS 11 hidden features which we bet you didn’t know about.

1. One Handed Keyboard

Now you can use a one-handed keyboard in your device with this new upgrade. You can activate in two ways. Firstly, you can go to Settings, tap on General, choose Keyboards and click on One Handed Keyboards. You can also long press the emoji icon present in your keyboard. This is pretty neat feature and one of the most desirable hidden features of iOS 11. Along with many other features, this is one of the best iOS 11 features that didn’t get spotlight in WWDC event.


2. Personalised your Mail by Inserting your Drawings

Apple will now let you super personalised mail to loved and dear ones. There is a thing about handmade drawings that take the mail to another level. Now, while composing your mail, just do a long press and from the pop-up select Insert Drawing. Then send your drawing, sketches, doodles etc. just like that.


3. Do Not Get Distracted while Driving

This is one of the best hidden features in iOS 11 that will make you a responsible driver for sure. Apple has taken a step ahead in innovation and is trying to look for your back.  Now your iPhone will be able to detect the moment you sit in a moving vehicle and will automatically switch on the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature. You can anytime disable this feature from the settings.


4. Type to Siri

There is a new way to use the Accessibility feature and it doesn’t need the support of Siri. Your help would be there as soon as you type to Apple’s digital assistant. Just go to General into Settings, there tap on Accessibility. Choose Siri in it and toggle on the Type to Siri. It will make a keyboard appear the next time you hold the home button to activate Siri.


5. FaceTime Screenshot is Passé

Have you been capturing the precious memories while you FaceTime your loved ones? Now iOS 11 will let you capture the live photo of the call instead of the old screenshot. Just go to the Settings and chose FaceTime. There tap the new shutter button to take the FaceTime Live Photos. Isn’t this so convenient and the one of the best hidden iOS 11 features so far.



6. Improved Background Refresh Control

Now, depending upon the type of connection on your phone, it’s upon you when you want the apps to refresh in the background. Open Settings and go to General, there tap Background App Refresh and later choose Background App Refresh. There among Off, WiFi and WiFi & Cellular Data, make your choice.


7. Access Older Messages with a Flick of Fingers

Earlier you had to just swipe down the screen from top to see your notifications like it has been for some time. But a new Cover Sheet has replaced this old Notification design in this iOS 11. At first, it might be confusing for the users as it looks exactly like lock screen but it’s not that. Also, there are only a limited number of things you can see and you have to swipe up if you want to view older notifications. But with time, you will get used to it.

8. Emergency SOS

Earlier only your Apple Watch used to have the SOS feature, but now your iPhone can also call the local authorities or the chosen contact at times of emergency. Just avail this feature by pressing the power button five times. Go to Settings and tap on Emergency SOS. You can update your preference here.


9. Universal Settings for App Notifications

This one is a relief and that is why it makes a place in our list of best hidden iOS 11 features. It can be a very frustrating to go to the settings of each and every app for any common change. With iOS 11, you have universal settings for the message previews. Choose Show Previews from Notification which you can find in Settings.


10. Say Bye to That Annoying Volume Slider

Apple will be done away with that moving volume control with iOS 11. It was quite annoying with how the controller used to take all the screen space while you were watching the video. In place of that huge volume controller, you will see it in the corner. What a relief!

11. Notes on Your Lock Screen

With this hidden feature in iOS 11, you can add a shortcut for Notes in the Control Centre. This will let you access the Notes from the lock screen itself. You can avail this feature by going to Notes in the Settings. You can set the amount of time that you would like to go by before that access disappears.

12. Apple Music Gets Revamped

Apple is trying to make its Apple Music more social. After updating iOS 11, when you open Apple Music, it will make you set up your profile and let you update your privacy settings. You can see this profile in the For You tab with just a tap on the profile icon of yours.

13. Mark It Up

Apple has added a new exciting way to share. It is called Markup as PDF and its function is just as its name suggests. It will allow you to convert any open thing into PDF format. You can tap the Share icon while you are viewing any web page or file and tap on Mark Up as PDF. You can also sign a document and share that further.


14. Shut Down in a New Way

You can turn off your phone even when your power button breaks. Go to Settings and tap General and you will find Shut Down button over there. Though how you can switch on the device is not told, the option to switch off in a new way is there.


15. Disable Recent Apps

If you are an iPad user and don’t like the new app dock where you can see the recently used apps, then you can certainly remove them with iOS 11. Go to General from Settings, tap on Multitasking and finally turn the Show Recents off.

16. Change the Format of Photo and Video

With iOS 11, Apple is giving you a new format for your photos and videos. But in case you fear compatibility issues or don’t like the new one, you can always revert to the older format. To set your choices just go to Formats in Camera which you can find in Settings.


So these are the hidden iOS 11 features that you can try on your iPhone or iPad when you update them with iOS11. We are sure you might have found many hidden iOS 11 features that you probably didn’t know earlier. If any of these hidden features in iOS 11 you heard for the first after reading the article, do let us know in the comments section below.



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