3D Printed Panoramic Film Camera

An interesting Kickstarter project was attempting to get us back in the era of film photography. A camera capable of taking photographs with a size of 60 by 140 mm is printed on a 3D printer and is a kind of do it yourself set.
The essence of the camera and examples of photos K-Pan is a medium format camera, capable, as mentioned above, of making panoramas of 60 x 140 mm. The project is currently supported by 60+ people who contributed $300+ each.

The first prototype was developed a year ago by the author of the project Paul Kohlhausen and was well received by the public of such photo sites as DPREVIEW, PetaPixel and Designboom. The camera is primarily aimed at travelers and photographers who value reliability, light weight and simplicity of design.

The essence of the camera is that included in the kit you get only the printed plastic case with all the necessary buttons, wheels and cogs. In this case a standard 120 film is inserted. For 1 roll of such a film, you can make 5 frames with a size of 60 x 140 mm.

Photos taken by this camera look like this:

The most interesting is that for shooting you need to use medium-sized 4 × 5 lenses of type Copal 0, inside of which there is an exposure mechanism. What we see in the photographs is a prototype built on the Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f8 lens.

How it works

The camera takes five pictures in size 60 by 140 mm on a standard film type 120
The set consists of two main parts: a cone for attaching the lens and the body of the camera.
The carcass consists of a clamping table, a lid and a body itself. For the cover rollers are provided for rewinding the film, several screws and a pair of cold “shoes”, which can be put for example a flash.
The film is charged by the type of camera Leica M, with the focus will be set immediately to infinity. If you want to shift the focus to a closer distance, you will need to use the special spacer that comes with the kit. At the same time, it becomes possible to blur the background, which is clearly visible in the portrait photo below.

The weight of the camera is about 0.8 pounds, not including the weight of the lens
The dimensions of the case are 220 mm in length and 90 mm in height

As for the price of the camera, it’s about $300 for the standard set and comes to $2000+ for a limited edition with a white space color, only 2 of which are supposed to be made.


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