7 Features Users Want to See in iOS 11


Apple is one of the most favourite companies of techie freaks. iOS gadgets be it iPad or iPhone, they are just super cool in terms of style and smart functionality. I am nowhere being biased, but there are people who want to own Apple devices for the miscellaneous good reasons of their own.

I am being the tech savvy person love all the gadgets no matter which company it is of. There are a few features you may call that appeal me a lot in different gadgets. Coming to the point, Apple is soon to roll out its latest OS update iOS 11 for Apple users.

As soon as something is announced to be launched, there are certain speculations and rumours that come along, iOS 11 comes as no exception. Want to know what are the latest iOS 11 rumours and expectations of users? Read on to know user expectations of features they want to see in iOS11.

1. Group FaceTime & FaceTime Video Calling

Apple users will agree with me that FaceTime is one super cool way out to enjoy talking with your family and friends while simultaneously watching them. However, till now there is no way out to enjoy three-way call on FaceTime or for group FaceTime video calls. Speculations are that Apple plans to add support for five-person FaceTime calling with support for video or audio.


2. More Emojis are on the Way

We all love emojis as they are fun way we can convey our messages while chit chatting with our friends and family. I personally love the teary eyed, smiling emoji, the cool one with sunglasses and many more. Apple plans to add more emojis to the list. Yes, you can expect more cool emojis added to the list of the ones that are already there. Yay, we can expect more and more cool emojis to make the chit-chat with all the more fun. It is anticipated that Apple is going to come up with some really nice emojis.

Before iOS 11 release, you can also download some of the best iPhone keyboard alternative apps that come with various fun emojis that you can use right away. Did I tell you, there is one secret emoticon keyboard on your iPhone too, check this tutorial to enable iPhone’s secret emoticon keyboard.


3. Low on Storage? Clear the Storage

Android users are not worried about running out of space. They have an option to clear the storage by simply deleting the unwanted data. Apple users, however don’t have this easy option unless they are using apps that let them clear the cache. It is anticipated in iOS 11, users will be able to enjoy this ease of clearing up the space.

Don’t want to wait till the release of iOS 11, check out our guide to know how to free up tons of unused space on iPhone or iPad now.


4. Easy Customization of Themes

Well, if you are an Android user, you might not find it new, but then for Apple users it is going to be really nice if they get the easy customization of themes. Android has some amazing features that can change the entire look and feel of the smartphone. Apple definitely understood the urge of the consumers to enjoy the themes that they can customize easily as per their choice. Apple should definitely plan to add this feature so that the iPhone and iPad users will be able to enjoy using customized themes.

There is one app that help you to customize your iPhone and iPad look to a certain level, the name of the app is iTheme – Themes for iPhone and iPad. But, users surely want to see a detault setting.


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5. Multiple User Support for iPad

iOS 11 will let users enjoy the multiple user support on iPad which means if your kids or other family members are using your iPad, you can apply passcode or set limits in case of games. This will let you use your iPad the way you want and the other people can use the same. Currently, I am using my friend’s iPad but have no such settings as multiple user support. This will be a good change if iOS 11 comes endowed with.

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6. Dark Mode

There are rumours that iOS 11 will be coming with dark mode option for those who use their iPhone and iPad at night a lot. The Night Shift mode helps reduce the amount of blue light. Users will be able to do the ‘Night Shift’ setting or timed setting so that sets the mode automatically under different lighting conditions.


7. Enhanced Live Icons

I am sure you all know what live icons enhance the user experience. iOS 11 is expected to come with better live icons that will tell you the current news, stock details, temperature, etc. The enhanced live icons will undoubtedly improve the way we use our iPhone. This will definitely change the way icons appear.


Now, aren’t these super cool features that are rumoured about iOS 11. If these are included in the latest iOS update, it is surely gonna rock it, These are just the few iOS 11 rumours and speculations. However, there surely is much in store for the Apple users. So, stay tuned till we have more updates on the same.


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