7 Mobile Apps That Helps you Earn Real Cash


Mobile phones, today are ruling the world. Whatever work, we want to get done, its just a click away. You no more have to rush here and there to get the job done. Apps to be specific are the integral part of the smartphones and we have oodles of them; free or premium.

The apps that are available for free save us some bucks and we enjoy the ease of workflow by downloading them. What if I say, you can earn money through mobile apps. Yes, that’s correct! Getting paid for using apps like Pact, Slidejoy, Bitwalking and others that have successfully become the part of our list today.

Listed below are some of the cool mobile apps developed with the aim to let you earn either in terms of points or cash. Sneak a peek at these mobile apps that helps you earn real cash that we have handpicked for you all. Download them for free and earn money through mobile apps!

1. Mobee

Mobee is a fun app for Android and iOS users that lets you make money. Everyday, mystery shoppers get money. Mobee app lets you find the stores that pay you to shop. Each Mobee store has a set of missions that focuses on one specific area to let you review and get paid for the same. Answer 5-10 questions which you got to answer. The Mobee team manually checks your mission within 24 hours for quality and credit your points. The points you get can be used to get gift cards and prizes or even get cash.


2. MiPic

MiPic is an app for iOS users. Here, users can create and print unique designs that can help you earn.​ Share your pics as amazing art, design and fashion products and start turning your likes into real money!


3. Pact

Pact is an Android and iOS app for a healthy goal. The motto is to earn cash for living healthy. What else could one ask for. You get paid for healthy life. The app lets you create powerful incentives for health. Getting fit and staying healthy goes rewarding as you get incentives for the same. Pact uses cash stakes to help you achieve your health goals.


4. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an Android app that promises to give your brand a super cool look.  The features include full screen viewability,100 % share-of-voice, unprecedented exposure, engagement, beautiful, creative, fullscreen ads. Reaching consumers over 60 times a day with advanced geo-targeting and day-parting capabilities, slidejoy provides you access to the targeted consumer at the right time.


5. Foap

Foap is an app available for Android and iOS users. The app lets you sign up for free, upload your photos and make them available for purchase on Foap Market. For each photo you sell you get 50% of revenue and you can sell the same photo an as many number of times you want.


6. Google Opinion Rewards

This is an Android app for the users to earn rewards for the answers they give. To put it in simple words, all you got to do is to complete the quick surveys and earn Google Play credit with which you can buy premium apps, music, movies, games and books in the Google Play Store. Earn up to $1.00 for every survey you take.


7. Snapwire

This is an image-based money-making app that puts the emphasis on the photographer rather than just the photographs. You can earn by selling photographs. There are two options to do so by either requests and challenges. After you have uploaded the image, Snapwire makes it  searchable and includes them in the stock image database. The requests and challenge route requires you to start as explorer by which you can earn points. Once you’ve leveled up, you earn points and you can keep 70 percent of earnings through the marketplace route.


Personally, I liked all the apps, but Pact is my favorite as this app claim to let users earn while staying fit. This means solving the dual purpose. Which one(s) of the above listed mobile apps to earn money you liked and why? Do let us know.


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