8 Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2018

Bluetooth speakers help in streaming music, audio books and podcasts from your mobile, tablet or your personal computer. They are easy to carry while traveling to different places and when you are passing some quality time outdoors. The market for bluetooth speakers is vast with many companies offering speakers with good quality features and price. They come with various sizes and shapes. Some speakers come with waterproofing and others with smart functionality. When it comes to listening music, the quality is an important factor to consider. Another important aspect of the bluetooth speaker is its battery. At present with advanced technology, bluetooth speakers battery have improved. Modern bluetooth speakers are able to play music more than ten hours at a stretch without recharging.

List of all these best bluetooth speakers considered keeping their looks, functionality and battery in mind.
So whether you’re looking for a best bluetooth shower speaker or best bluetooth speaker for outdoor party, without further adieu, please find the list of best bluetooth speakers of year 2018 that you can consider buying.

UE Boom 2

These speakers have large ears with three hundred sixty-degreesound. Many pros here, the best bluetooth speak under $100. It is IPX7 rated speaker that can be immersed in water up to 30 minutes. It comes in six colors and has a tighter weave of its fabric cover. It can be operated with gesture controls like tap on the top to pause music and double tap to skip one track.

The battery life off the speakers are better. It is also water proofing capabilities and hence qualifies for a good companion in outdoor traveling or a bluetooth shower speaker as well. The battery can last for a period of fifteen hours and can be recharged within two and half hours. This speaker can be paired with eight devices simultaneously through bluetooth. Therefore, it is considered to be a brilliant device on go.

Bose Soundlink Mini II

This speaker belongs to a family of renowned brand in this segment of entertainment. It is sleek and compact Bluetooth speaker. With a great build quality and the aluminum enclosure holds the charging cradle. It also has a built in Microphone for the feature of a speaker phone.

This speaker is powerful and has excellent sound quality. Though it is a small speaker, the sound it delivers is of a larger source. The pounding Bass along with lively mids fill the ears with enchanting melody.It can be paired with six devices simultaneously and the battery has ten hours of playing time. It also comes with a very sleek charging dock. However, it lacks in design and other modern feature of NFC compatibility compared to its competitors.

JBL Charge 3

This bluetooth speaker is another top-notch speaker at present. It has three sixty degrees sound and also has a good quality of sound. Some interesting features include waterproofing (can be submerged in water for 30 Minutes), recharging your phone connected to it (6000mAh which is double the capacity of some of the phones available in the market today) and available in different attractive colors.

It is IPX7 rating indicates its survival an accidental dunking, it has a touch activated speakerphone and can create is surround sound experience. Its feature include external passive radiators gives a visual extravaganza while playing music by vibrations of radiators to bass heavy tracks. The speaker plays every Genres of music without any distortions. The battery has an ability to sustain twenty hours of usage. By linking it to the JBL App you can connect it to other JBL speaker for louder sound.

Dali Katch

This Bluetooth speaker is a luxurious finished aluminum body with front and rear portions made out of polycarbonate ABS plastic material. The amalgamation of its body Size, Weight and Price make the product unique. It also has a great compatibility with Google Chromecast audio dongle.

It is impressive both visually and sonically. It has good looks and sound quality and therefore is one of the best Bluetooth speakers. This speaker has both twenty-one mm tweeters and nine cm woofers on the front and on the rear. Other features include NFC compatibility, a battery lasting twenty-four hours and funny colors. Even though it is costly, it justifies the price by delivering all modern features with quality. It is a big surprise in a small packet.

Creative Muvo 2C

Behind the cuboid-shaped design, there lies a bigger size passive radiator and two full range speakers. The top contains buttons with LED indicators and a microphone. Pairing this speaker with Bluetooth enabled device is very easy. It is IP66 complied, which indicates that the speaker is water resistant and dust resistant too. It is a compact Bluetooth speaker that is well connected to a smart phone and delivers clear and melodious sound.

Unlike other speakers in this segment, it has all the features including a built in mp3 player. Sounds from a passive Bass radiator stands out of all these speakers off this size in the market. One should not worry about it getting wet since it is waterproof and acts as an external sound card also. It can be connected to a laptop since it delivers better sound then the laptop speakers. It’s battery last four five six hours but it is reasonable considering the size of this speaker. We think it’s the best bluetooth speaker under $50.

Bose SoundLink Revolve

Another powerful speaker from the stable of Bose that has almost all modern features. On top of the speaker, buttons well placed to control all the features of the speaker, including playback and voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. It is an excellent sounding speaker with three hundred sixty degrees sound which is suitable for hearing quality sound roaming around the rooms. It is also suitable to use at the parties without losing the quality of the audio. Although it is not waterproof or dust proof, it is a desirable product considering the quality of the sound that the much renowned company has packed in the cylinder.

Minirig 2

This speaker is small and compact, loved for its quality compared to its peers in the segment of blue tooth speakers. It’s small driver equipped with power that of large speakers and provides fifty hours of usage between charges. It is not only efficient when connected to power but also equally super-efficient when used in wireless mode too. Once a compatible Minirig sub-woofer is attached along with another Minirig 2, it doubles as a 2.1 system.

UE Blast

For those who would wish to have affordable speakers and features like Alexa Support, waterproof capability and a robust design, it earns the prestige of best Bluetooth speaker. With a cheaper price, it is the most sought-after Bluetooth speaker that a person likes to keep at the lounge or take it to the swimming pool.

These are all the best Bluetooth speakers of year 2018. Hope you like it and do let us know which one you consider to buy from our list of best Bluetooth speakers.


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