A Guide to Setup Parental Controls in Nintendo Switch


Are your kids accidentally watching mature content? Are they playing for too long with Nintendo Switch? If yes, then you very well need to set up parental controls in Nintendo Switch so that they are not able to come across mature content by mistake. This will ensure you that they don’t play any game that is mature in content or do not buy anything by mistake. In addition, you have the option to track the play time of your children playing games on Nintendo Switch.

I’m sure you must be thinking why to set up parental control in Nintendo Switch when you can sort it out easily by talking to your child. Trust me, being a father of one boy, it is not that easy to stop your children from playing video games. I’m sure you want your children to do some outdoor activities and not playing console games at home all the time.

So, let’s not waste time and have a look on a guide that will help you set parental controls in Nintendo Switch the easiest way. Once you set up parental controls on Nintendo Switch, it will allow you to restrict ESRB rating games, block social media etc.

1. On the Home Screen of Nintendo Switch, you will witness System Settings. Kindly launch the System settings.

2. On opening the System Setting, select Parental Controls from the left hand sidebar.

3. Under Parental Controls, on the Right-hand Side of the screen, select the Parental Control Settings


4. After selecting Parental Control Settings, it will give you two options: Use your Smart Device/ Use this Console. You have to choose Use this Console option to set up parental controls on the console itself. Other options will let you set up parental controls in Nintendo Switch using the mobile app and has a few extra features that we will talk in some other article.


5. Following the above options, you will come to settings page where you can see an option named Restriction Level which is divided into : Restricted Software, Posting to Social Media, Communicating with Others, Software Rating Organization. 


6. Once you click on Restriction Level, you will find four options: Teen, Pre-Teen, Child and Custom Settings. Choosing any of the first three options, the four categories that we talked above will be adjusted to pre-decided Nintendo’s content rating system. Check below:-

  • Teen: Pretty useless, only restricted for the game above 18 years of age.
  • Pre-teen: It will block posting to social media, communicating with others and allow games under 13 years of age.
  • Child: All settings will be same as above but put age restrictions until 8.
  • Custom: This setting will allow you to adjust each and every setting according to your needs. You can restrict game from 8 years of age to 13, allow social sharing with limitations and so on.


7. Once you are done with the set up of parental controls in Nintendo Switch, click on Next and you will be asked to enter four-digit pin and confirm it. That is it, this is how you can set up parental controls in Nintendo Switch.

8. You will see a bubble on the home screen which you will find at top-center of the screen. You can toggle it on/off and entering the pin to enable/disable the Nintendo’s Switch Parental Controls.


After following the above steps you can easily set up parental controls in Nintendo Switch which can indeed help your child not to play games that are not meant for them.

Our next article will be on how to set up controls in Nintendo Switch using mobile app that comes with some other nifty features too. So, stay tuned and meanwhile have a look at some of the all time best Nintendo 3DS games.


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