Top 8 Best Electronic Dart Boards

Lately one of the most modish and popular arcade games with a new vamped style is the electronic dartboards. It’s also the most waited and nice indoor game to spend a good quality gaming time at home, be it hanging out with friends on a Sunday afternoon or with family. But earlier gamers faced few issues to follow up with the track as whose turn is next. But now with the new electronic dart boards one will only be left with more fun and electronic dart board will take care of the rest such as displaying and mentioning the next player, scores, and so on. This post will give a review of some of the best electronic darts out there.

List of Best Electronic Dart Boards:

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

Viper Neptune is one of the best combination electronic dartboards having a traditional cabinet design with rich feature. The board has a 15.5’’ regulation size target face by a bigger catch zone for the missed out darts. The dartboard is made of nylon of commercial grade with ultra-thin segment dividers for minimizing bounce outs. One of the coolest features is that you can play against the computer and it proposes five levels of difficulty. Besides coming with a fine wooden finish it also comes with dart holders. It has 57 types of game variations and up to 16 players can play. It has a large scoring interface showing score of 4 players simultaneously on a 6’’ display.

Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard

This dartboard from Gran board is a minimal electronic dartboard, which can display other game details and scores for any smartphone, or any Bluetooth supported device tablet via Bluetooth. There isn’t any extra cabinet or display. It comes with just the board and along with it all the features for playing real time against other players, and also has many games to choose from. Available games in it include Half-it, Count Up, Legs, Cricket having 4 variations, and more games as the app takes update. It has foam backing behind its plastic surface for reducing noise and to soften the dart’s impact. It’s powered by AA batteries only.

Arachind Cricket Pro 800

This dartboard is a synonymous with high quality electronic board. The brand first started making their board long back in 1975. This cricket pro 800 by Arachind is a tournament quality board for all the serious players. It consists of several fun features to deliver extra fun for all players of various skills levels. It’s a regulation size board of 15.5’’ in diameter, suitable for players of ages 12 and above it. It has a 3 level heckler feature and can be turned on or off. It accommodates up to 8 players along with 4 players at a time with LED display. It can calculate the average point/dart of each player. For cricket games it can even display X/O format.

GUZ 2 Online Electronic Dartboard

In the sphere of electronic dartboards Guz 2 is the one that stands out. The appearance and connectivity of this board makes it stand out of the rest. The Guz 2 sports a 15.5 inch dartboard along with 2 sets of regular soft tip darts. Things that make this board so unique are its transparent casing across the dartboard. The colors are vibrant and bright, and the circuitry of the board can be seen surrounding the target area. Besides this darts are thrown into a surface made of plastic having tapered holes in it. The target numbers get displayed on the removable cover. It’s powered by 4 AA batteries Including AC adapter to power the dartboard.

Viper Ion Illuminated Dartboard

I one looking for a traditional regular dartboard then the Viper ION dartboard has the same old feature options coming on an electronic dartboard and it offer a fresh style look with some gaming options. This is because of the LED illuminated scoring segments and the flash and light up during the game. But the lights aren’t just for any fancy effects, as the scoring sections actually serves purpose whilst playing certain games.  For instance the 3 scouring sections will light up to spot the 3 best darts out of the combinations during a 01 game.

Franklin Sports FS6000

This electronic dartboard has a full game list displayed on the front side of the board. This helps in motivating one to try out some new periodically. It is designed easy for mounting so that one gets up easily and learns playing on it quickly. It includes 6 replacement tips with uniquely located dart holders.

Fat Cat Rigel Soft Tip Electronic Dartboard

The Rigel soft tip dartboard has a LED display having XO cricket. This Fat Cat Rigel dartboard is one of the fun-to-play electronic dartboards in the dartboard list. One can play up to 3 variant games having 305 scoring options. All the indoor game lovers will definitely give this one a shot for any sports club or may be just personal as well. The LED light makes it bright and easily readable. The 13’’ large target screen includes a tournament spider as well. This super electronic Rigel dartboard is powered by UL adapter. The plastic flight free dart features both union jack flight and old flights. The dart board’s manual is easy to follow. It even weighs around   6pounds so one can carry it anywhere they wish.

Halex Omega Wooden Electronic dartboard

If one is searching for an electronic dartboard for all the young players with adequate safety then is the one for them. As it can accommodate both steel tip and soft tip darts, depending on the safety of players it can be used by anyone. It provides 31 games with 178 Different levels, means never ending fun. Besides XO cricket scoring windows and added wooden doors that are built for holding darts, it comes with an extra AC adapter.

These we think are the best gaming electronic dartboards out there.


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