Best hiking and travelling tech gadgets 2018

Not sure about you, but I’m yanking myself from the sofa after an extended hibernation and getting outside. And there is no better way to shake off the winter doldrums and work out the kinks on your rusty limbs than simply taking a hike. Hiking can be as simple as putting one foot before another, but being ready and bringing the ideal gadgets can mean the difference between a memorable evening out and spending another weekend mailing thank you notes to search and rescue staff.

So we have assembled this roundup of core must have hiking gadgets that are going to keep you comfy and secure. Organised in this list are 9 tech gadgets for your next hike, outdoor adventure or camping trip. In fact, for most people, obtaining trendy new hiking and camping gadgets can be fun and enjoyable as hiking itself. So whether you’re conducting research in mountainous regions or walking in circles around neighbourhood park, technology will assist you with making that amazing picture, recharging your batteries, tracking the total distance, listening your favourite tunes or maybe straight up find your way home, so you can read about some of those nice hikes and trips people are talking about.

Fitpolo Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

This fitness tracker and smart watch has a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitor, calorie counter, built-in low power consumption Bluetooth chip, easy to use app that supports smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 or above, IOS 7.1 or above and Android 4.4 or above. Great bargain overall.


Fitness Tracker HALKG LEI Smart Watch

Another great fitness tracker, on top of all kinds of features that you’d expect, you also get a blood pressure/oxygen monitor. Wrist band is easily adjustable and can fit any size. Good battery saving feature, turns on easily by motion control once you turn your wrist to look at it. Another great deal.


Jackery Portable External Charger

Yes, you may use it on your hike, trip, travel etc… If you’re using internet and gadgets a lot, this little portable external charger is for you. Almost 12000mAh will be enough to keep your tech running with you. A life-saver in case of emergency or just when you simply forgot to charge your phone. Quick tip: charge power bank using original AC adapter and USB cable of your mobile device, and recharge the battery every month or two to keep it healthy.


Ayyie Portable Solar Phone Charger

Portable solar charger: water resistant, shock resistant, dust proof, featured with compass and 2 LED flashlights. Those living beyond arctic circle will have to consider other options in winter but others who hike like a boss, attach it to your backpack and let it dangle.


Kaiess Super Wide Angle Camera Lens

These are really nice little lenses that will enhance your phone’s camera and will make dslr lens-like pictures. Works on almost all brands and models of smartphones and tablets. Comes with a small carrying case, that will make it easy to bring them all with you. All of us are photographers aren’t we?


Cube Anything Finder

Put it on your keys, dog, mother in law or anything else and it’ll be much easier to find it. Most, if not all of bluetooth devices have a 33 feet range, although if there is some interference or obstacles, I’ll say between 20 and 25 feet is a safe bet, but this finder has a simple CUBE Tracker app that will alert you if you left it behind.


Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Headphones

These wireless headphones have pretty attractive & stylish look and provide waterproof protection, have pretty rich bass and will recharge in 1.5 hours so you can then spend 8 hours listening to Michael Buble while walking in the park.


Holy Stone GPS Quadcopter HD WIFI Camera

There are a lot of different drones on the market but to me this one stands out, good bang for the buck. Here in the Pacific Northwest, every top of the hill and every mountain has a breathtaking view, but with so many trees sometimes hard to see anything lol. So having this drone with GPS assisted flight, Follow Me Mode, altitude hold and one key take-off helps a lot in making those high quality videos and pictures. Drone will automatically return to home precisely when its battery is low or the signal is weak when flying out of range, perfect for beginners too.


GoTenna text and GPS on your phone with no service

This one is pretty cool, goTenna devices pair to regular smartphones with a simple app. You can send a message, GPS location and access offline maps from your phone with NO cellular service. So if you’re hiking or travelling with friends or family somewhere in a semi-remote area with weak or no cellular service, being able to communicate no matter where you’re (up to 4 miles) will provide you with additional security and will make experience more enjoyable.

Hiking is great, but technology does make hiking awesome. So hit the trail, lower that blood pressure and kick cholesterol’s ass and adios to the stress.


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