12 Best LG V30 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

In September 2017, LG launched its latest and smartest flagship, LG V30. The phone features the OLED capacitive touch screen with the corning gorilla glass which prevents the phone from scratches. With a long battery life, fingerprint sensors and WAV audio system, the phone is worth its price. Sleek and slim in looks as well as light weight, the smartphone has a variety of features and functions which are yet to be explored by the customers.

There is a lot hidden beneath the surface of LG’s interface which requires certain tricks to access. This article will cover such best LG V30 tips and tricks that will help you to explore your phone in a better way.

So, without wasting any time further, have a look at all the best LG V30 tips and tricks which can be applied to the phone.

Best LG V30 Tips and Tricks

1. Buy a Suitable Case for LG V30

LG V30 is a tough phone to break, but you never know when the time is not right. It is always better to invest some money in purchasing the right kind of cover for your phone. We had researched for you and found some awesome LG V30 cases. Have a look at all the best LG V30 cases and covers and found the right one for you.


2. How to Change the Navigation Buttons in LG V30

Just like all the conventional Android smartphones, LG V30 also has these three buttons at the bottom of the screen: BackHome, and Recent apps which can be used for navigation. But if you have switched from a Samsung phone to LG and you have your hands set on the conventional buttons, you can turn these buttons the other way round.

You have to simply go to Settings > Display > Home Touch Buttons > Button Combination. The icons have to be dragged to the new desired positions.


3.  How to Save LG V30 Battery Life

Battery is the most important concern about any smartphone as nowadays we use our phones 24*7 which drains the battery quickly. We search for various ways to save the battery, but LG V30 comes with an inbuilt function for this. You have to just reduce the screen resolution by going to Settings > Display, scrolling down to Screen resolution and set it to Medium. You should also set your Screen timeout in Settings > Display as low as you can.


4. How to Unlock LG V30 with your Face

Nowadays all of us wish to have a lock system on our phones like setting pins, passwords, using fingerprint lock, etc. Among all these facial recognition is catching growth tremendously. To set this up on our LG V30, we have to just go to Settings > Display > Lock screen > Face Recognition. It will ask you to enter your pin. After that you have to make sure that your face is within the circle and the lock is set. Now no one else other than you will be able to unlock your phone.


5. How to Tweak Sound in LG V30

If you are an audiophile then this feature will be the most attractive one for you. You can easily access the Hi-Fi Quad DAC option which is located under Sound and Notification menu and can be selected from there. Simply tap the option and choose your desired balance, select the various sound presets which are available as well as change the digital filter and then you are done with it.

6. How to Customize the Lock Screen in LG V30

There are a variety of customization options in the latest LG V30 which can be seen in Settings > Lock screen. You can change the wallpaper, animation, timeout, etc. Just tap the Shortcuts option to add more app shortcuts and even the Screen swipe effect can be easily changed.

7. How to Take a Screenshot in LG V30

The conventional method of pressing the power and volume button together for capturing the screenshot works on LG V30 as well, but it also has an extra feature through which we can just click a portion of the screen or GIF via a floating bar. Simply go to Settings > General > Floating Bar where screen capture is toggled ON. Browse the screen you want to capture and tap the arrow that unfurl the floating bar, click on the pencil icon and your work is done. The screenshot will be captured.


8. How to Use Floating Bar in LG V30

It is beneficial to use the LG’s floating bar which is a shortcut to your apps and settings. It places a small tab on the screen of your smartphone which you just have to tap and all the shortcuts like music player control, screen capture control, contacts will unfurl. Just go to Settings > General > Floating Bar. It can be easily toggled On and OFF.


9. How to Put LG V30 into Night Mode

There is this option of Comfort View which turns your screen suitable to browse even in midnight. The blue light from a screen makes it harder to fall asleep after using the smartphone, but if we turn this option ON, the blue spectrum can be easily removed and the eyesight doesn’t get affected even if you use it at night. Go to Settings > Comfort View> Enable “Use Comfort View toggle.”  As you schedule it, it automatically starts at night.


10. How to Use Knock On Feature on LG V30

This feature is the magical one pioneered by the LG V30 which allows us to turn the screen ON and OFF in a blink just by double tapping the screen. This is very useful for security purpose as it protects your phone from eavesdropping by different people. It is also an easy way to check the time or see if you missed any important calls or notifications. Just go to Settings > Display and scroll down to More at the bottom under Advanced settings.



11. How to Take Wide Angle Images in LG V30

This feature helps to take a variety of beautiful pictures by fitting the images in the landscape orientation or taking as many group selfies as we want. Most of the people use different apps for this wide-angle mode, but LG V30 has this feature in store automatically. Tap the icon of multiple trees and the mode will be ON.


12. How to Shoot Cinematic Video in LG V30

It has some of the best video shooting features which can be enabled quickly. Just open the camera application and tap the Mode to select Cine Video. Tapping the film strip mode in the left, we can select a variety of shooting modes like romantic comedy, thriller, historical, etc.

These are some of the best LG V30 tips and tricks that will help you to be productive with your phone. For all the latest and best LG V30 tips and tricks, continue following our blog.