Top 10 Best Pixel 3 XL Cases and Covers

Who doesn’t love to get dressed in pretty attire? We all like to keep our gadgets and smart devices well groomed and dressed with fantastic covers and cases to keep them safe, long-lasting with a stylish touch. Owning a high-end set is not complete without a classy case. Talking about high-end cases and covers, those who own a Pixel 3 XL and wondering what cases or covers might fit best along with protection. Well, this is just the right place to drop all the hesitation and have a look through all the best cases and covers for Pixel 3 XL.

Best Cases/Covers for Pixel 3 XL:

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

The Spigen Rugged Armor Case for the Pixel 3XL is made out of TPU material having a Carbon Fiber design, which proposes supple shock absorption. The cover comes in a spider-web layout on the interior part and on the exterior part a raised lip for protecting the phone’s screen. The case has Air-Cushion tech with and is “Military-Grade certified”. This tech ensures top-notch shock absorption for every single drop. This case for Pixel 3XL serves over-all protection to the phone and is compatible with wireless charging.

Fabric Case for Pixel 3XL

The Pixel 3XL fabric case is one of the most handful cases to come across. The material of this case is made out of polycarbonate and polyester fabric materials, and is also compatible with the Pixel stand. This ensures a hassle free wireless charging. It’s also available in four different shades to match with one’s style and taste.


Liquid Crystal Designed Case by Spigen

When it comes to durable cases rugged ones are the best out of the lot. But they do compromise on the look part. But that’s the catch with the Spigen Liquid Crystal especially designed for Pixel 3XL. It’s made out of an anti-slip flexible TPU material offering a light-weight alternative to protect the Pixel 3XL without making it too stiff. It also comes with in-built Air Cushion tech on all of the four corners to protect from any drop or bump.


Max-Boost Wallet Case for Pixel 3XL

For the ones with the Google Pixel 3XL do ensure that they love to stay updated with all of the latest activities of the world and to have every facility right within the grip of their palm. Well this case serves both the world at its best, as it not only provides protection but also doubles up as a wallet. Max-boost is one of the best in producing accessory, bringing along great wallet cases for smart-phones, and this one is especially made for Pixel 3XL. It’s a PU leather crafted featuring 3 card-slots, a magnetic lock, and a side pocket for extra cards and keeping cash. The raised lip protects the screen of the phone.


DBrand Cover for Pixel 3XL

For those who don’t prefer cases that make their phone go bulky but still seeks a good protection for their Google Pixel 3XL then is just the one. This is skinny and acts as a skin to the phone to protect it from any scratches, and when it comes to skinny cover there’s hardly anything better other than the one by Dbrand. There are a variety of options available regarding design and material such as; stone, carbon fibre, matte, camo, etc. The skin brings a new feel to the phone along with a standard protection for the rear.


Sheer Crystal by Case Mate

The Case Mate Sheer Crystal case cover for Google pixel 3 XL is for those who love sparkly cases for their handset to shine through. The case is made of twinkling genuine glass-reflect light material in its most simplest and elegant way. The case proposes an ample amount of protection with all the shinny sparkly star-like glitters. It’s a 10-ft drop protection case with anti-scratch technology, with refined metallic buttons as well. The flexible sides of the case enhance the grip. It is built with the latest one-piece anti-scratch and construction technology providing protection to the phone against any drops and bumps. It has refined metallic buttons and is compatible with wireless charging.


Presidio Stay Clear Pixel 3XL Case

The Stay Clear case by Presidio is a clear case that offers a drop protection upto 8 foot. The case comes with a special coating that prevents it from soaking any oil or turning yellow with time and use. The outer shell made of polycarbonate along with an “Impatium Clear” inner lining is sculpted together to provide two layers of protection in a slim-trim one piece phone case. It has raised corners for bezel screen protection providing the phone with extra care from any fall, shattering, and scratches. The case doesn’t compromise on beauty while coming with a protective feature. Its newly developed coating helps preventing discoloration occurred due to UV rays and any oil absorption, keeping it stay clear for a longer period of time. It is scratch resistant and comes with wire-less charging facility.

Leaptech Holster Armor Case

For those whose phone suffers from an excessive amount of drop then this body case by Leaptech is just the ideal one. This case for Pixel 3XL is an armour case possessing a stout duty with a promise of full-body protection from preventing the device from any fall bumps, and drops. The case got a drop-defense at each of its corner with a raised edge for protecting the screen. The case en comes with a 360-degree holster rotating belt-clip for carrying the device more appropriately. The stand on the cover makes watching movies and videos hands-free.


Arae Leather Wallet Case

This Area Leather Phone Wallet case for Pixel 3XL is built out of PU leather. The case comes with four built-in card-compartments and one extra pocket for convenience of storing ID card, cash, and even credit cards. It comes with a magnetic closure lock as well for keeping the money and phone safe. The case is equipped with a soft inner TPU screen to prevent the device from any scratches, whereas the in-built kickstand makes it convenient for watching videos and movies hands-free. The case is available in rose-gold and black.


OtterBox Defender Series Screen-less Case for Pixel 3XL

The Defender Series Screen-less Edition case by OtterBox for Pixel 3XL is one of the robust, most rugged phone cases out there. The case proposes a multi-layer defense coming with a solid inner shell infused with a fleecy outer-cover for defending the device against any bumps and drops, scrapes, and dirt. The case even has a belt-clip holster, which doubles a kickstand for a hands-free use while watching media. It has an inbuilt screen protector.


These are some of the best cases and covers out there for Pixel 3XL offering great functionality and protective features. Some of the cases are available in various shades as well, making it attractive for a huge majority of Pixel 3XL owners.


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