Best Portable Solar Chargers

Life is becoming hectic day by day with the rising competition. Growth is the sweetest word in all areas whether it’s employment, business, profession or sports. In order to achieve success, people have to run around through the day. Electronic gadgets are the best companions and are used for all purposes including entertainment. Everybody keeps one, such as laptop, tablet or smartphone with them even while on the go. All these devices run with the help of batteries that need recharge.

Portable solar chargers not only fulfill the need but also are eco-friendly. Here are the eight best portable solar chargers:

Nekteck Portable Solar Charger – 21 Watts

The design of this Nekteck 21 watts portable charger is very convenient for people to carry around while travelling and wishing to stay charged all the time. It has dual USB ports to charge all devices like a laptop, tablet or a smartphone whether you are travelling, enjoying a holiday at the recreational center with family or sitting at the garden for refreshment.  It has a built in integrated circuit that recognizes the device hooked into it for charging and thus calculates the rate at which it is charged to ensure optimum use of its battery. The quality of this product is very good with its case made out of strong canvas specifically to be used for outings. It is water proof and hence you do not have to wary about it getting drenched in rain. It is also light, compact with dimensions of 6.3” X 11.1” X 1.96” when folded and 26.3” X 11.1” when opened.


Sokoo Portable Solar Charger – 22 watts

This is a water resistant and highly durable 22-watt portable solar charger. Its casing is made of polymerizing vinyl chloride that can withstand rain and extreme humidity conditions. An integrated circuit built in enhances its battery life by recognizing the devices connected to it through its dual USB ports and the power they require. The hooks can be of the Sokoo portable solar charger can be hooked to your back pack for easy movements. The dimensions of this charger is 12.2” X 6.69” when folded and also very light in weight.


Dizaul Portable Solar Power Bank – 5000mAh

This is very light and compact in design. It is an ideal solution to recharge smartphones. With dual USB ports two devices can be charged simultaneously and hence can be shared with others to recharge their devices also. Armed with features of being water resistant and shock proof, it is convenient to carry while travelling and it can also be hooked to the trolley or carry bag easily. The flash light built into it helps you find things in dark and the LED lights enable you to know when it is being charged or need a recharge. The Dizaul power bank requires six to seven hours to get fully charged owing to its small solar cells. The dimensions of this power bank are 2.76” X 5.59” X 0.55”.


Jetsun 16750 mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

Jetsun 16750 mAh portable solar power bank has been designed for people who love to camp. It has a powerful battery of 16750 mAh and very compact in design. It has miniature solar cells, dual USB charger that can be useful for charging a smartphone and another device at a time in the camps. The LED indicator let you know the power remaining in the power bank and also serves as a flash light. The power bank is water resistant, shock proof and dust proof. It requires eight to ten hours to get recharged fully. This power bank can recharge a smart phone with in two hours and is portable enough to be hooked to a backpack while camping or trekking.


Fkant 15000 mAh Portable Solar Charger

Fkant is known for the manufacture of affordable and qualitative electronics and the portable solar chargers are no exception. It uses the natural power of direct sun light and converts it into battery power in order to charge devices. It has also a dual charging facility and can be recharged by plugging into n electrical outlet. Fkant portable solar charger is a compact and powerful charger with a 15000 mAh battery. It can charge several devices at a time. The larger bright flash light also serves as an emergency light helpful in all outdoor locations during night time. This portable charger can with stand bad weather and is shock proof. Although it gets recharged at a slower speed, the illumination is extremely bright with six LED lamps that are bright enough in the darkest nights.


Anker 21-watt Portable Solar Charger

Anker brand is known for its batteries, chargers, cables and power bank solutions. These devices when used in combination with high powered batteries along with various USB chargers can charge any electronic device at ease. With PowerIQ technology of Anker, it determines the rate at which it is going to recharge the device attached to it. This device does not have an internal charging, it is designed to charge using its high-tech solar panels. This device can be hitched to your back pack or bag for greater convenience. It is made of durable PET plastic material. It an ideal charger to recharge a staunch power bank while travelling.


Aukey Portable Solar Charger – 28 watts

Having the strength of 28 watts, the Aukey portable solar charger is designed to tread any terrains. It has highly efficient solar panels which 4.8 amps of power through its dual ports powered under sun light. Two devices cane charged simultaneously with this as it has dual ports. The case is made of PET materials and hence is water proof and scratch proof. This is quite compact when folded and very less bulky in weight. The device is an ideal partner for camping, travelling or spending some quality time in the park. With four hooks, it can be gets recharged also.


X Dragon Portable Solar Charger – 40 Watts

The advantage of this device is its powerful battery of 40 watts providing you 2.8 amps of power capable of charging smart phone, tablet and small laptops. A charging port of 5 amps/ 2 volts can be suitable for charging gadgets of 5 volts and laptops and any other devices of 18 volts powered devices. The X-Dragon portable solar charger is not too bulky. It can be folded to carry at ease. It can be also easily hooked to a backpack or bag while on the go. It has a 10 in 1 connector cable makes it appropriate to charge any device and the Solar IQ technology provides correct power and voltage for optimum utilization. It can be concluded that the device is the exceptional device with both portability and power.

Considering the awareness towards our environment, solar chargers are not only eco-friendly, they are also economical. With these best portable solar chargers, you feel that you are not wasting natural resources, borrowing very little sunlight from the Sun.  Solar chargers enable you to avoid the rush for outlets at places like airports, bus stands etc. You can charge the devices at any point of your convenience while relaxing in a park, travelling on a mountain trek or sipping tea in the garden. Do you use or plan on using any of these portable solar chargers? If yes, do let us know in the comments section below.


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