Byju’s App Review: Changing the Way We Learn Things

With the advancement of technology where each sector is getting better innovations day by day, the education sector has also seen a major overhaul. It has made the education more accessible and affordable for every learner. Major change had occurred when education entered through the handheld devices i.e. the Mobile phones. After the introduction of these educational applications on mobile phones, learners find it easy to learn things according to their own pace and ability. The element that is making these apps more popular is the word ‘Smart’ as these apps are able to suggest learners what to study and which topics they should focus on. One of these educational apps in the E-Learning industry is the Byju’s – the Learning App, which is changing the way students are learning things.

Byju’s – The Learning App was developed by one of the best technical teams and the content was developed by teachers from IIT and IIM’s. Each topic is explained by videos in such a way that students are able to visualize each topic easily. It is available on both platforms for IOS as well as Android. It ensures that learning is not restrained by place or time. This app aims to make learning an enjoyable activity rather than a boring lecture where students often tend to sleep during lectures.

Let’s look at the features of this app and check whether it really gets counted on the list of best e-learning apps available in the industry.

Better Visualization

If you have a vision of something you remember that topic for a longer period of time. In this application, each concept of the book is explained through short and meaningful videos which otherwise would take 1-2 hours to understand from the book.

Whole Syllabus Coverage

Each and every topic of Maths, Physics, and Chemistry from class 6th to 12th of any board in India whether it be CBSE, ICSE and state board is covered in the application. Every complex topic is explained in the form of interactive videos. Preparation of various competitive entrance exams like NEET, JEE, CAT, GMAT and IAS are also available in a structured way.

Interesting and Interactive Videos

The use of 3D graphics and different tools for video editing have made complicated topics easier to understand. The video lessons have been prepared in structured modules according to different boards like CBSE and ICSE so that the Learners don’t get bored while watching the videos.


Performance Evaluation and Analysis

After each video, the students are tested using small MCQ’s and subjective type questions which help them to face their fear of the examination. This AI-based software is quite effective and is able to suggest the learners how to proceed further with the chapters and improve on their weaker areas.

Doubt Clearance

If the students are facing issues with any topic, there is an option in the app where the students can directly ask for their doubts regarding a particular subject. The questions are answered as soon as possible through an email or on a phone call.

Adaptive Learning

As we all know that every student understands in a level that is different from another. Accordingly, the app is designed in such a way that it accesses performance of each student and suggests best learning paths or videos to proceed with. The difficulty level of videos i.e. it increases or decreases according to the performance of the students in the test.

To get a glimpse of this NCERT app and learn all your lessons effectively; try the all in one, Byju’s – The Learning App to prepare for various competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CAT etc.


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