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All those curious about new gadgets rolled out tend to go online and search for the same on various technology websites. This exercise helps a great deal, but at times it also increases the level of confusion instead of clearing the picture. So, we thought of talking to techie freaks asking them the issues in the quest to find the smart solution.

While doing a survey, we spoke to some viewers and asked them about the challenges they face during their research for any product. Ultimately, we conclude (based on the personal experiences they shared with us) that there are many reviews available on various websites about each product but it is extremely tedious task.

Usually people with limited technical knowledge try seeking out information about technical stuff through other sources instead of websites as technology based articles are hard to understand due to the complicated language and unfamiliar terms. The problem itself had a solution. We believe that there should be a reliable source available for even the average person.


Most of the readers expect from their favourite bloggers that the information they are getting through the website is correct and true. It is also expected from the reviewer to stay neutral and give honest opinions without getting influenced by anybody or anything. We strongly believe that giving negative comments about a new product due to some bad experience in the past with an older the same brand is not at all ethical.

This persuaded us to come up with a website for explaining things in a simple way so that viewers of any age group, place or society can understand the use and benefit of those electronic accessories they are looking for. Keeping such things in mind, we have started working on a website that we aptly named ‘TheTechBeard‘ with the intention to give an option to those readers who are not technically very sound but eager to know as much as they can and today we are here before you all to start our journey.

If you are not a native English speaker or a techno savvy but still want to increase your knowledge about latest technology so that you can cope up with the new generation, then we are here to serve you with the best of what you can offer. Here you will find latest blogs and videos that suggest, unboxing and comparison of various products by well-known companies.

The team of highly optimistic and dedicated people has worked really hard to make it possible for a layman to spread wings in the sky of technology. TheTechBeard is going to be your best advisor with all relevant information about smart phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets well put in proper informative way along with the unbiased reviews. We understand the value of trust!

Last but not the least, we would sum up the article by saying that we would love to connect with you all through different modes.

Besides, you can always share your experience with us and ask questions as well. Welcome aboard guys and stay tuned in to know what we have in store for you all!


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