Drone Flying and Photography Tips

Aerial photography with the help of drones is on the rise. Expanses of breathtaking landscapes and images that show a completely new perspective can be achieved by aerial photography. Drones are specially developed to allow photos to be taken in various angles and from different heights to deliver the best photos possible. Photography using the drone technology brings a very unique view and certain images look so perfect, that no other form would ever do justice to it. However using drones is not always that easy and a lot of adjustments need to be made to the equipment to get a particular shot.

Many beginners or even experienced photographers who have just starting experimenting with aerial photography find it difficult to handle drones. Given below are several tips that will help you understand better the use of drones and how to improve aerial photography.

When controlled properly, drones can capture any angles you want, mostly because the movements of a drone is not restricted and neither is the visual. Therefore, if the opportunity of using the point of view from above can be used to its full advantage, then various effects can be created to improve the image. When using a drone, it is important to use its flexibility and experiment with different perspectives so that the best one can be achieved.

One of the most important things to remember while using a drone is that the camera, will not always be similar to any other copter and thus, the settings might need to be adjusted too. You might get confused as to why you are unable of capture a particular image the way you wanted to, only to realise that the camera settings was not right. Therefore, it is important to see what features the camera has and know what settings will need to be adjusted.

The camera fitted with the drone will have a RAW mode. While doing aerial photography, this mode adds a lot more technique and well rounded look to the photo once it has been processed. The RAW mode does not distort the photo at all and preserves all details as much as possible, allowing the picture to stay close to original. Due to this, if you need to add any effects, adjust the light or even the predominant color of the image, it becomes easier because there is very little interference.

With a drone, since the view is not restricted at all, it becomes easy to search for uniqueness and originality. Every view has some different and interesting thing to offer and using a drone you can explore the total area and look for interesting patterns or different angles that can elevate a particular image. This way, new sights can be discovered and the ultimate photo will be improved much more, especially because it will have that element of surprise that aerial photography can always offer.

The drones will usually have propellers to provide balance when they hover over a location. These propellers need to be regularly fixed and adjusted to avoid any hassle. This can be done by setting the propellers in the angle required and then finding out if one blade is heavier in which case it will need to have some sand applied at the bottom to offer better balance.

If you are using drones to fly over a particular area to take pictures then it gives you a lot of scope for introducing some geometric shapes or some kind of a symmetry in the photo which will give a different view of an otherwise flat landscape shot from one simple angle. With the introduction of shapes and some balance, which can be achieved from so far above, the entire photo will change and even the aesthetics of the photograph will increase.

Several drones that are usually used for aerial photography have a GPS mode. With this mode, you can set the location on the copter itself and then allow it to fly to that very location to capture the image. This way there is no inconvenience and you will not have to manually control the movements of the drone. The GPS mode actually allows the drone to reach the desired location and then stay stable as the photographer adjusts the angle and takes the shot.

If the drone that you are using is a quadcopter, then it will be equipped with different lighting systems which gives you the opportunity to capture photos of subjects in low light, like during a sunset, or at pre-dawn moments or even when the surroundings are dimly lit, with no natural or artificial light to aid the quality of the photograph. The lights on the drone will give better visibility and also highlight the subject, making it easier to take a clear photograph. Many photographers prefer to take the drone really close to the subject and then take a picture but since drones help in aerial photography, the fun is when you fly it up to a higher altitudes and let the image show a new side of the subject from so far above.

Hopefully these tips will help you capture unique images and videos with your drones. The art of using drone flying for photography will be easier to master with these tips and the experience of this fairly new form of photography will definitely improve.


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