How to Get Premium Minecraft Game Account for Free

Minecraft if you all know is a sandbox video game that has created much hype in the gaming world. The game was originally created by Swedish game designer Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by Mojang. It is not the first time that you are reading about the Minecraft game instead it has been the topic of the discussion among gaming freaks for long.

It is one of the most loved game regarding breaking as well as placing blocks. We all playing games, be it big or small, be it on PC or game consoles. We have also created an article talking about best PC games of year 2018, do have a look and let us know which one you played.

What is the Minecraft Game?

Minecraft the game about breaking the blocks and placing them. The player at the very initial stage has to construct structures to prevent against night-time monsters. And when the number of players increase, they have to operate together in order to make beautiful imaginative things.

The Minecraft game has around ten millions of users playing it free of cost. Yes, it is but then one might question that if that is true, then why does one have to get the Minecraft Premium Account?

Minecraft Premium Account lets user enjoy online gaming thereby connecting with family or friends at different servers. This way, the responsibilities are whenever you would like to build your virtual world. You can register for one at the official Minecraft Website.


Not just this, the premium account holder receives automatic updates that will keep the game freshly updated. Premium account grants the players to enjoy the creative mode as well as survival mode. It lets you set an appropriate difficulty level to enjoy hours of game-play.

How to Get Free Minecraft Premium Account?

Now the point is what if you are low on budget, but direly want to enjoy all the facilities of Minecraft premium account. The good news is that you can download Minecraft Premium Account for free. Yes, you read it correct. How can you download the Minecraft premium account for free? Simply follow the below listed steps.

1. Download Minecraft Game followed by opening up the link provided here in the bracket (  Open the link – into your browser and download this also. This is available for Windows and Mac OS.


2. The zip file downlaoded can be extracted easily. Thereafter, click on the Exe file and run it as administrator. It shows you a pop-up with two options. MCLeaks and Mojang.


3. You got to select the MCLeaks and it will open a new window, it will open directly, if not select the path also and double-click on Minecraft.

4. Go to my leaks site and click on the “Get An Account” and verify yourself as human. Click on the Get Account this will generate a user name and token no. also.


5.  Copy the alternate number and paste it in the place of user name and type any password you want to save for the next time. This will get your Minecraft premium account for free.


I know, its a bit of steps you got to follow, but then if you are getting Minecraft premium account for free and you are able to avail all the services it offers thereby enhanced the overall gaming experience, then indeed it is worth it. Isn’t it?

With the premium account, now you can enjoy your Minecraft game play with your family, friends and colleagues. Have you been the Minecraft game addict and loved this article for the fact that now you can easily get the premium account for free and enjoy the game thoroughly then what’s the wait for the guys? Go ahead and enjoy!


  1. Please i beg u for a premium account in the country where i leave in is too expensive to buy a premium account and i wanna have one but i cant get one 🙁

  2. Hi everyone,

    I discovered MCLeaks website today, and this solution is still working.

    Only one thing : I have to restart Minecraft Launcher each time I want to add an account and you have to keep the Authenticator app open in background when you do that.

    When the premium account is saved in your Minecraft Launcher, you don’t have to open the Authenticator anymore.

    The only problem I have is that most of the usernames I get are “kikoolol” (this is a french word so I don’t know if you unserstand it) like “ferrari-****”, etc…

    So with that solution we can’t choose or change our nicknames because these accounts are real paid ones, the “token” solution is secure that we can’t get the account’s e-mail address and password.

    PS : Sorry if my english is bad, I’m french.

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