6 New Google Search Features Announced for Travel and Shopping Enthusiasts


Recently a press event was held in New York City, where Google the American technology giant unveiled new features of its search engine to promote travel and retail business. Google will introduce a new format of advertisement in which the merchants would be able to create their own galleries to highlight their products. It is useful for buyers as well because they will get a variety of products at one place and would be able to buy the same product which will appear in the advertisement.

The new features will enhance the mobile shopping experience, will enable more controls to merchants over the products and approach the suitable buyers for them. Google will roll out those advertisements on YouTube as well. The main motive of the company is providing a platform to merchants where they can show the variety of every product and customer can choose the desired material with an ease.

So, check out these new Google Search shopping features that will increase your experience while browsing on Google search engine.

1. Companion Banner

Google will also let the use add his banner to advertise more products and the brand of his company. The idea of putting a banner along with the video is based on the concept of True-View for shopping. The banner will allow viewers to search and buy the product which appears on the video.


2. Product Picker

It will allow the advertiser to highlight the specific products that appear on the image by picking them up. In other words a buyer can select any product of his/her choice from the gallery and do research for it and buy as well.


3. Cross-Border Search & Shopping

Google is also making efforts to make the cross border search and purchase simple where people buy products from another country. Google is making a tool (which is in a testing mode now) which will convert the price into the currency of Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and UK. It will help the user to get an idea of the estimated cost before actually purchasing the product. So now an Australian buyer can see the price listing of a product from the UK. in Australian dollars.


4. Smart Filters for Hotels

Google is adding more features for travelers, the users would be able to narrow down their search to find the hotel as per their need. Now you can filter your hotel search based on different criteria such as location, price and rating by using ‘smart filter’. It will also give best results for complicated search.

5. Instant Hotel Deals

While searching for hotels, users will get a new label, ‘Deal’. It will show you that the current price of the hotel is lower than its earlier price. This feature will help travelers find low-cost hotels as it would categorise them separately.

6. Airfare Tracking

This could be really useful for cost-conscious travelers as it allows them to track the flight pricing. You can either choose the date of travel and destination or track any specific airline service. If the flight charges fluctuate then user will get notifications for that on email from Google Now. The feature will work in those countries where Google Flight is available.


The new features of Google search are adaptable to all devices and specially work fine with smartphones, most of the people go online through their phones now a days that it is crucial for every search engine to have to ability to cope up with them. The new features will work smoothly with desktop computers and tablets as well.


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