HDFC RED App Review: Home Search was Never so Easy

How will you find your dream home, the traditional way is to contact a broker and he will take you through the available options or go online and find a suitable home for you through various websites, there also you need to contact a broker at the end in most cases. If you are trying a find a property in a different city then its even more hectic.

Earlier, there was no one who can walk you through the entire process of buying a home, but now HDFC RED app is available for you which provides information about the property as per your interest and make purchase process more convenient for you. Properties that appear on the HDFC Red platform are genuine and verified so that the user don’t face any legal issue later. There service is available in 20 cities as of now and includes 24,000 properties in the database.

Since most of the people use the internet connection on their mobile phones that’s why HDFC Red has also lunched its mobile app to make it more accessible. The attractive user interface of the app has a simple layout and give options that are easy to understand.

The movement you open the app and login with your credentials, it gives you the option to filter your search and find your dream home in a more proper way. Each filter comes with drag and drop menu with clearly defined categories.


You can prioritize your search by choosing options such as location, budget, size, social amenities around the project and possession. Eventually, it will show your listing in a specific order based on your interests and requirements.

So if you are looking for luxury villas in Chennai and your budget is somewhere around 1crore then you can mention your requirements in the filters so that it can shortlist your search and show you the results accordingly.


Apart for finding a suitable property, you can also search for other things as well. For instance, if you want to know about the developers in Mumbai or want to apply for HDFC home loan, there are options available on the home screen for that. Since the service is available in multiple cities, you can choose any place which is listed on the home page and look for the desired property from any part of the country.


Once you finish inserting information, the apps provide the listing with the relevant options available in card based layout. Every advertisement includes the image of the property along with other details like floor plans, cost, approx. EMI, availability, other facilities such as gym, club house, park and security. The search results are also based on Relevance score and feedbacks provided by the user and the most relevant property appears on the top. The Relevance Meter shows you the percentage of the match with your requirements.


In order to get the detailed information you need to just tap on it and if you want to go back to the previous screen, just x out of it. You can sort the property by adding them into the shortlist bucket and even sort on cost or price per square feet. The feedback mechanism is an innovative solution provided by HDFC Red which lets user make their mind to relook at the property.

Interested users can visit to the website of HDFC Red and download the app into their iOS or Android based smartphone from there. The computer users can get information about any specific deals of any project and they can also calculate the home loan or contact the builder. People who are looking for a new home and want a hassle free platform to get the best deal can definitely choose HDFC Red as an option.

HDFC Red App Pros

  • Its user-friendly and easy to understand.
  • It includes many features that make home buying convenient.
  • Users have no need to run behind an unorganised estate agents.
  • Card design architecture present complicated information in a simplified way.
  • Priority search helps people to buy their preferred home faster.
  • Feedback mechanism lets users explain about their expectations and set the priority accordingly.

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