6 Hidden Google Drive Tips and Tricks


Since last few months, I have been using Google Drive on a regular basis for work. To tell you the truth, I simply love working on it. In fact, it’s so easy to use that I directly work on Drive, create files and folders and share with my colleagues. However, I followed a lengthy process of sending files through the mail.

It is after reading a lot about Google Drive on the web that I came to know the shortcut to do so. Along with this one tip, I got to learn a lot about hidden Google Drive tips and tricks and how things work on PC and mobile phones while using Google Drive.

In this past few months, I discovered few hidden Google Drive tips and tricks that are worth mentioning because it will only improve your workflow to a greater extent.

So, without wasting further time, have a look at know-how of these simple Google Drive tips and tricks or you can call them hacks that make working on Drive fun and hassle-free.

1. Send Links of Your Files

This is one of the simplest Google Drive tips and tricks that many people don’t know about. A few days back, I had to send someone a document that was there in my Google Drive. I had to download the file and send it as an attachment. Later, one of my friends suggested me the simplest way of sending files. At the bottom of the Gmail’s compose window, there is a little Google Drive icon that lets you attach files that are stored in your Google Drive or else you can simply send across the link.

Send docs, sheets, slides as links to the file and for other file types like PDFs, Word docs, images, you have the option of sending as an attachment or a Drive link.

Now that’s a wonderful tip for those who use Google Drive on a regular basis.


2. One-tap Backup of Your Phone

To be sure that your phone data is secure and you won’t lose it, easily back up your phone’s important data to Drive. Yes, that’s right, you can do that easily.

  • Open the Drive app on your smartphone, go to Settings by swiping to your right.
  • Choose Backup from the list of options and choose what you want to back up like contacts, photos and videos or all of them.
  • Simply click Start Backup, leave the rest on Google Drive to do. It might take a bit long, but you are sure to heave a sigh of relief after this.

3. Clear Formatting

This is an important tip for you if you do a lot or R D and write something from the web infact copy and edit as per your need. Sometimes, while pasting something on the Google Drive docs, you feel the urge of clear the formatting for text you paste into Docs.

  • For this, you got to highlight the text and select Normal text from the toolbar at the top


  • Else you can go to Format  from the Menu bar. A drop-down will appear, apply Clear formatting and you are done. Also, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-V helps you paste the text pastes without any formatting.


4. Access Files Easily

This is one of the newest Google Drive feature that lets you get the quick and easy access to files that you have worked on. Have a look what it is and how to turn it on.

  • Open Google Drive Settings by clicking on the Gear icon on top right hand corner.


  • You get to see Quick Access option. Simply click the box next to Make relevant files handy when you need them and refresh the page.


  • The moment you do that, you get to see your recent files right there in front of you on top of the Folders section just like the image below.


5. Sync Folders

Instead of accessing, Google Drive from a browser, you can directly make the Google Drive folder sitting right there on your desktop. Simply, install the Google Drive app for Mac or PC and go to Preferences > Sync Options and you can sync the entire My Drive Folder or whichever folders you want.


6. Filter Your Searches

At the top of the Google Drive is a search box with not so prominent down-arrow button along the right edge. Clicking the arrow will let you see the panel of search options to filter your search results. You can filter by file type, date modified and owner. If you are looking for shared files, you can filter the same by looking for the name of the person you’ve shared the file with.


These are some of the best hidden Google Drive hidden tips and tricks which we discovered while using it. Do you use Google Drive to save files or folders? I am sure, you loved the little Google Drive hacks listed here. Have more to add to the list of hidden Google Drive tips and tricks? If yes, drop in your comments below and let us know!


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