How to Add Gestures of iPhone X to Android Phone

Apple smartphones are on the premium segment in the market. They come up with new model quite frequently with many advanced features to woo the customers. Apple launched their flagship iPhone X last year in the market. It did it some thing unique to remove the physical home button from it and replaced it with a series of software-based swipe gestures. OnePlus have also added Gesture control system to its some of popular phones. Google are also on the fray to develop gesture controls in their forth coming Android P in a couple of months to come.

There are a few Apps to have iPhone X like gestures in Android phones. Gesture Control is light weight Android App suitable for Android 4.1 and above versions. It gives you a variety of Gesture controls similar to that of iPhone X. It includes gestures that can be used to Go back, Open Recent Apps, Open Notifications Shade, Open Quick settings and more. Some of the default gestures are:

  • Swipe Up: Home.
  • Swipe Left: Back.
  • Swipe Right: Notifications.
  • Swipe Up and Hold: Recent Apps.
  • Swipe Left and Hold: Split Screen.
  • Swipe Right and Hold: Android Quick Settings.
  • Swipe Halfway Up: No Default.

There are also some more gestures supported by the Gesture control App but can only be enabled upon upgrading to paid versions. They comprise of Double Tap, Long Tap and Double Tap and Hold. Gesture like that of iPhone X are handy with users who use phones with huge screens. The best part of it is that the gestures can be customized according to the need of the users. Nearly all gestures near the sensor area and around the indicator (black horizontal line) are customizable. Users are able to adjust the height, distance from the end of the screen, auto adjustable by itself in case key board pops-up, changes color etc. With the upgraded version, the horizontal posture of the line also can be altered. Although gesture control has a lot of features, it is not enough for the App to be really good. For those users having virtual navigation bar may find it difficult as the App does hide it. However, it can be done away with another App on the “Tip Screen” if the device is rooted. All in one gesture work in Android phone having the Android version of 4.4 and above. It can also provide you some more gestures of iPhone X but is does not restrict the finger of the user to the bottom of the screen. It adds to more than a gesture control but requires some time to get used to it. The App provides three types of gestures. You may customize the physical keys of the device to Open Apps, Short Cuts and navigate to wards different screens. The App also offers swipe gestures to do the activities. You can add 12 swiping hotspots that also adds diagonal swipes. You will find the add gestures option under the status bar tab. The interesting thing that you can be able to enable/disable particular gesture according to your choice.


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