How to Backup Gmail Data from One Account to Another

Situations may arise when your name has been changed, your business has changed or storage quota in the Gmail is fast reducing. Need not to worry, you need to just back up your data including that of data laying in trash or spam into another Gmail account and it is simple. The data can also be backed up to Google Drive but the demerits of it is that there will be a duplication as Google drive also resides in the same storage space as Gmail.

The first step is to close all Gmail services or set not to check mail automatically.

  • In your Gmail account, click on settings (Gear) icon on the right hand side of a toolbar.
  • Select Settings from the displayed menu.
  • Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • In the POP download area, select enable POP for all mail as the status.

(Please note that Messages in the Archive will automatically move to the new account.)

  • Once the messages are accessed with POP, select archive Gmail’s copy from the dropdown menu in order to get your inbox of the old Gmail account cleared. You may select delete Gmail’s copy or select Keep Gmail’s copy to delete/retain the messages in the old Gmail account so that you can be able to check all messages have been copied. In any case the messages in the old Gmail account will be available in the trash for a period of thirty days.
  • Save changes.

Now the messages are ready to be imported to the new Gmail account and there is no action to be taken in the old Gmail account.

  • Log in to the new Gmail Account.
  • Click on the Settings (Gear) Icon. 
  • From the menu select settings.
  • Move to Accounts and Imports tab. 
  • You need to click on Add a mail account in check mail from other accounts.
  • In Email address, enter the email address of the old Gmail account from which you will import the data.
  • Click on Next
  • Check the email address entered under username and enter the password for it.
  • Select in POP Server.
  • Select Port as 995.
  • Confirm that Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server is checked.
  • Confirm that Always use a secure connection (SSL) while retrieving mail is checked.
  • Click Add account.
  • Select Yes, I want to be able to send mail as [email protected], click Next.
  • Enter Name, Click Next.
  • Skip Treat as an alias checked, click Next.
  • Click Send Verification.
  • Close window and sign out.
  • Log into Gmail using the old Gmail Address, Open messages from Gmail with the subject Gmail confirmation-Send mail as [email protected].

  • Copy the Confirmation code appearing in Confirmation code and Sign out.
  • Log into Gmail again with the new Gmail address, click Settings (Gear) icon.
  • Select Settings and open Accounts and import tab.
  • Verify the old Gmail address in Send Mail as.
  • Paste the confirmation code in Enter and Verify the Confirmation code and click verify.

Gmail will fetch all the data at once.


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