How to Download and Install Android O Beta


I am sure by now you all know about the in and out of the latest operating system from Android i.e. Android O. We have already discussed in detail about the best features in Android O that it comes loaded with. Wondering why I am here to talk on the same topic? Well, it revolves around Android O but I don’t intend to discuss about its features once again. Infact, we are moving a step forward and would like to share how to download and install Android O on your phones.

Android O beta is out and available to be installed in Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Pixel, or Pixel XL. We are here to share a little information on how you can download and install Android O beta version.

You got to follow simple steps and enjoy the beta version of all new operating system from Android. Read on the below listed steps to know how to download Android O on your phone.

1. Firstly, you got to open the Android beta link. It will ask you to sign-in with your Gmail account details.

2. Once you will sign-in, you will land up on the page where it shows how Android Beta Program works.


3. This page also shows a section Your Eligible Devices that have all the phones listed that are linked to your signed-in Gmail account. Choose the device you want to install Android O and Enroll your Device.

4. Agree to the terms and wait for the notification on your Android device that will say System Update is available.

5. You can also go to the Settings>About Phone>Check for Updates. You will see that Android O Beta version is available for download.

6. Click Download thereafter install the OS. Sit back and enjoy the coffee

7. Your mobile phone will automatically reboot once the Android O installation is done.

It’s as simple as that! This is how you can download and install Android O on your mobile. For now, software updates will hit your device over-the-air and stable version of Android O is downloaded automatically too so you don’t have to do anything. However, this is a beta version of Android O, so you can expect bugs.

What next? Nothing! You just got to sit back and enjoy checking out the cool features of Android O.

Well, if you don’t like the beta version, you have the option to go back to the public stable version of the Android OS. All you got to do is visit the same page and click the un-enroll button. However, returning to the stable version will wipe up all your data so better to take a backup before doing it.

There are more news on the topic and other cool things that we can expect to hear in the nearby future. So, we will keep you all posted on the same. I am sure many more geeky freaks like me are eagerly waiting for the final version of Android O.


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