How to Download and Play Pokemon Go on your Windows PC


Pokemon Go is an augmented reality based game which allows users to find Pokémon in the real world is fun but could be dangerous at times. Few people have had bad experiences like encounter with criminals and robbers specially at night. There are many people who actually want to play this game but don’t want to go out in a hot sunny day as well. There are many tricks involved to be a better player and we also shared some Pokemon Go tips and tricks few days back that will help you to play this game like a pro. Pokemon Go tips and tricks article gave us an idea to find out the way to play this game at home instead of roaming around everywhere and inviting trouble.

If you have Windows operating system in your computer, then we have a solution for you. You can install and play Pokemon Go in your Windows PC or laptop using GPS spoofing, which sets up fake GPS locations. Let us tell you, playing like this is against the terms and services policy of this game and if they catch you then you might need to face a temporary or permanent ban from this game. Still, if someone is ready, then he/she can follow these steps and download some tools that are required to play Pokemon Go on your Windows PC.

So, without wasting too much of time, check out our article showcasing how to play Pokemon Go on your Windows PC and catch Pokemon without roaming in the city.

Disable the Location

If you already have any Windows GPS service in the system, then disable it as it may clash with the Blue Stacks. If you have a Windows 10 computer,

  • Go to Settings (press Windows Key + I together) > Privacy > Location
  • Set the location of your device is to off if it isn’t off, then click on change and turn it off.


If you have an older version like windows 7 or 8 then,

  • Go to Start Menu
  • Type Location in the Search Box
  • If you find it, disable it

Download Blue Stacks

  • First of all, you need to download and install Blue Stacks in your computer.

While installing Blue Stacks, user needs to set a Pokémon Go account which should be attached to his/her google account.


Install King-Root

Once Blue Stacks get installed on the system, open it and click on the APK icon on the left side, open the APK file of new King-Root and it will be installed on the system


  • After the installation of King-Root, run it
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Click on ‘Try it’
  • Then click on ‘Fix now’


  • Once it shows you Security Index, click on ‘Optimize Now’

After this you won’t need this app again so close it, but don’t’ remove from the system.

Reboot Blue Stacks

Now you need to restart Blue stack app player for which,

  • You will see a Gear/Cogwheel on the right side top corner of the page, click on it
  • Select ‘Restart Android Plugin’ from the list


Copy Files for Fake GPS

  • You need to click on the Folder Icon on the sidebar which you will find on the left side of the Blue Stacks window.
  • Then you need to click on Fake GPS and open it.
  • The file will be copied automatically.

You can click on the background and it will disappear, you have no need to wait till the end of that process.

Install Lucky Patcher

Now you need to install the ‘Lucky Patcher‘ the process is similar to the installation of King-Root. You have to click on the APK on the left side of the Blue Stack screen.

  • Select the desired APK file, click on it and the app will be installed
  • After the installation open the ‘Lucky Patcher’ app and click on ‘Allow’ to permit the access
  • On ‘Lucky Patcher’ window, click on ‘Rebuilt and Install’ which you will find on the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Then follow this step: SD card > Windows > BstSharedFolder
  • Now you will find the APK file for Fake GPS, click on it
  • Select ‘Install as a System App’ and click on ‘Yes’ when the confirmation message pops up. It will ask to restart Blue Stacks for the changes to take effect, click on ‘Yes’.


Install Pokemon Go

You need to install the Pokemon Go and procedure is same as the installation of King-Root and Lucky Patcher. It won’t work at this point, so don’t try to launch it. Ager installing Pokemon Go, you have to change your ‘Location Settings’

  • Once again, click on the Gear/Cogwheel on the top right of Blue Stacks screen
  • Select ‘Settings’ from the screen
  • Go to ‘Location’
  • Select ‘High security mode’, if already selected, then leave it like that.

Set Fake GPS

Open the Lucky Catcher and ‘Fake GPS’ should appear on the list, click on it and select ‘Launch App’.

In case if the Fake GPS doesn’t seem on the list, then, Go to Search (bottom) > Click on Filters (top right corner) > Select System App > Click on Apply.


  • A small windows with How To Operate’ title will pop up on the screen


  • You will find a button with three dots on the top right side, click on it
  • Go to Settings
  • Put a check on Expert Mode’
  • A warning message will pop up, click on ‘OK’


Click on the back arrow on which you will find on the top left corner, select a preferred location for you and save it.

To engage the location you need click on the orange button on the map and it will show you at the same location when the game will be launched.

Launch Pokemon Go and Play

You can either launch the app or set it up in the way you set up on your iOS or Android smartphone, you can download it by logging into your Pokemon go account.

So, using these steps, you can play Pokemon Go on your Windows PC and catch all the Pokemon at the comfort of your home. Please make sure that when you engage a new location, don’t select long distance location as it may show the GPS spoofing.


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