How to Get Apple Music for Free on Verizon for Six Months

Everybody loves music. It aids remove stress and relax our minds. There is a steep competition on the market with so many players offering great services. Apple music service, a newcomer compared some of the old music service provider like Spotify, Pandora and other service providers. But Apple has survived the scare and has more than forty million paying subscribers. Apple music has outcasted all other music service providers since Apple is the best music streaming service on the market. It offers a vast menu of music to people more freely and at their convenience.

Apple have three unique things such as Apple Music, Apple Music Radio and Apple Music Connect. Every subscriber gets to try Apple Music free for a period of three months. After three months the subscriber has to pay $10 a month. There is even a family plan for $14.99 wherein the subscriber can have up to six accounts. The service is available in 114 countries and on Mac, IOS, Apple Watch including Android Phones and Windows PCs. They have a huge collection of songs that is about 40 million and you can find all kinds of music depending upon your preference and based on the recommendation of experts. Paid subscribers have the option of downloading and listening the songs of their choice offline. Apple Music also allow subscribers to tune into Beats 1, a specific round the clock global radio station that broadcasts to 100 countries.

In order to garner more subscribers to its portfolio, Apple has entered into a partnership with Verizon Wireless. On August 8th, 2018, a joint announcement was made by both quoting that all users subscribed to the unlimited data plan of Verizon will get a six months free period on Apple Music. Later on, August 16th, 2018, additional details were unveiled about how to avail the offer. The generous offer will benefit both the existing as well as new subscribers to the unlimited data plan of Verizon.

To avail the offer, you have to visit the web page

On mobile: You need to open the My Verizon App,

  • Go to My Account.
  • Add-ons, on the top (wherein you find Your add-ons, Piece of Mind and Essential Services).
  • Swipe left to the Entertainment Category.
  • You will find the Apple Music deal.
  • Choose the line of your choice for the free trial.
  • Go through few confirmation screens.
  • Once confirmed, Verizon will send a text confirmation about the start of the Free six-month trial.
  • The said text will contain a link
  • Open the link on your phone, you will get redirected to Apple Music App that will confirm the deal.
  • Tap continue and it will ask you to enter your iTunes/App Store Password.
  • Done. In case you are new to Apple Music, you have to pass through the onboarding process of choosing the content.

However, one need to keep in mind that after the expiry of the six months free period, the subscriber will be charged $9.99 a month. It can not be cancelled through the Apple Music App instead the subscriber has to cancel through Verizon.


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