How to Send Money to Friends Using Skype


In the age of technology we all have grown up in the connected world, with Skype, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat and with many other apps. So, today the world is easily accessible through these apps to friends, colleagues or family members. The need of every human gets filled up with these apps. Not only chatting or video conferencing, these apps are getting a few more tricks under their kit such as sending or receiving money even in the middle of a chat.

This article will mainly focus on how to send money using Skype to your friends. Yes, you heard it right, sending or receiving money now is an easier task with Skype. You would be dreadful to know that Skype and PayPal have merged together and is now available on Android or iOS mobile. As getting easier day by day, you don’t have to switch over Skype app again and again, even with the ongoing chat you could transfer or accept money.

Before sending or receiving money using Skype, it is important that you should have a Microsoft and PayPal account. Once you have a PayPal account it becomes easy-going to transfer the amount via in just a few steps. So, without wasting any time further, have a look at the tutorial that will help you to send or receive money using Skype to friends.

1. In a Skype chat app on your Android or iOS,  tap Find or Swipe to the Right.

2. Select Send Money from the add-ons that are available on the screen.


3. Select the Country you live in and then select the Country where your friend lives in. Tapping to Next option. Enter the amount of money you would like to send and again press the Next option.


4. You will be prompted to Sign-in into your account. So, link your PayPal account to the Microsoft account.


5. Tap Send to complete your transfer.


6. Tap back to chat and you will see a money card with the transfer status in your conversation.


This is how you can send money to friends using Skype, which we believe is the easiest way to send or even receive money if you have PayPal account integrated with your Skype account. After sending money you can check your payment status from Skype profile:

  • From the Chats screen, tap your profile picture.
  • Tap the Settings button.
  • Tap Send Money settings and a list of transactions and the status of all the payments will be listed there.

Hope you have liked one of the easiest methods to send money to friends using Skype. It offers an easy way to deal with transferring money even if residing in another part of the world. So, send the money to your near and dear ones fastest and the affordable way using Skype.

What do you think about this new feature introduced by Skype. Is it easy to send or receive money using Skype to friends or relatives without even leaving the app? Do let us know your views in the comments section below. To know more, you can check the official Skype blog.


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