How to Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge


If you have Windows 10 operating system on your PC, tablet or mobile then there is a good news for you. After the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 (which went live in the first week of August, 2016) your browser Microsoft Edge will support popular extensions available in the Windows Store. You can personalize your browser with Amazon Assistant, Evernote Web Clipper, Office Online, LastPass, Ad-Block, Adblock Plus, Page Analyzer, Microsoft Translator and many more.

Initially, few but useful extensions are available to install. In fact, Microsoft is also planning to release a tool in the near future, which would turn genuine Chrome extensions to Microsoft Edge extensions and it might accommodate Firefox extension frameworks too. Here in this article we will tell you how to install extensions in Microsoft edge and make your browser smarter than ever.

Step 1: How to Install Extension in Microsoft Edge

  • First of all you need to launch the Edge browser and click on Menu which is located on the right hand top corner of the window. Once you click on it, you will get a list of all the options available.
  • You need to select Extensions. If it doesn’t appear on the list that means you have not received the Anniversary Update yet.


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  • After clicking on Extensions it will show you the list of previously installed extensions. If you have not installed any or want to get a new one then click on Get Extensions from the Store.


Step 2 : Install the Extensions from Windows Store

Once you click on the above mentioned link, Windows store will be launched and show you the list of all available app that you can choose from. You can scroll down to find the desired extension through the page.

  • Click on the icon of the extension when you find it to pick it up.
  • If the extension is free then you need to click on the Free tab to begin the installation process and in case of a paid one, you will get the information about the price through the same tab.


  • Once the extension gets installed automatically, Windows will notify you.

Step 3: Go back to the browser

After completing the installation process, you need to switch back to your Microsoft Edge browser to adjust the settings of the extension.

  • Launch Edge browser
  • Click on Menu
  • Go to Extensions
  • Read notification about the extension so that you can figure out what it is allowed to do.
  • Turn it On


If you wish your new extension to appear in your navigation bar then you need to authorize it apart. Under the settings of the extension on the same small screen you get an option Show button next to address bar, just turn it On. If you want to hide it, then toggle it to off. You can also uninstall the extension from the device as the browser extension settings give you the option to do so.

So, this is the simplest method through which you can install extensions in Microsoft Edge if have updated your system to Microsoft Anniversary Update.

Microsoft Edge has improved a lot with the new Anniversary Update for Windows 10 and has all set to compete with other popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. The ability to install an extension in Microsoft Edge of your choice adds more value to it. Though, its limited for Microsoft store as of now.


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