Lifesense Watch Review: Affordable Smartwatch Comes With All Essential Features


LCare is the latest company to enter the tech market. It has kicked off its journey by rolling out a smart Lifesense band and a Lifesense watch. Yes, two products introduced in one go.

TheTechBeard team got Lifesense Watch to review it and I have been using the watch for some time now. Lifesense watch comes with dynamic heart rate monitor, smart activity tracker, call alert for Android and iPhone users and much more all blended perfectly to give you amazing user-experience.

This article will focus on my experience of using the Lifesense smartwatch from the last few days. Other than my experience, the article will cover all the aspects of Lifesense watch such as its specifications, design and built, performance and its fitness tracking features, pros and cons and last not the least whether you should buy it or not.


So, without any further adieu, follow the article to read Lifesense watch detailed review from our side.

Lifesense Watch Specifications

The Lifesense watch comes endowed with some cool features worth talking about as anybody who wants to buy the watch will surely want to grab all the information about the device.

  • LED display with multi-point touch screen.
  • TPF material wrist strap with the hydrophobic non-slip design.
  • Dynamic heart rate monitor.
  • Direct USB charge, no need for a cable
  • Step pedometer, calorie burned monitor and sports mode.
  • Auto-syncing with Application on Android and iOS devices.
  • IP67 water and dustproof protection.
  • Auto sleep tracker.
  • SMS and calls alert, alarm alert and the reminder to get up and move.


Lifesense Watch Unboxing

We did unboxing of Lifesense watch once we received it. You can check the video here and check what all you will get when you purchase Lifesense Watch.

Lifesense Watch Design & Built

In first look, you will like the design of Lifesense watch which is made to be simple and minimal. Lifesense watch is made of glossy material which is shining and grabs the attention of anyone.

Lifesense watch band is thankfully made of soft plastic and has a matte finish. I haven’t removed the Lifesense watch from my wrist from last 3-4 days and the band doesn’t irritate me at all.


The square display of the watch is big and makes it easy for the user to check out time, date, month, step counts, heart rate, etc. However, I felt that screen visibility is affected in bright outdoor conditions.


Did I tell you that Lifesense watch has waterproof and dustproof ability. Yes, it comes with IP67 certification and company claims that it won’t be a problem if Lifesense watch will submerged till 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. This is all possible because of the Lifesense watch design and built.

The best part which I like about the design of Lifesense watch is it comes with built-in USB charger so that you don’t have to carry extra cable. Ah, that’s surely a relief from carrying an extra cable to charge smartwatch. Isn’t?


Personally, I like the design of Lifesense watch which look very stylish if we compare to other smartwatches and fitness trackers in the same price band. Other than that, the design of Lifesense watch is not male-centric and even women, can flaunt it without thinking too much.


Lifesense Watch Performance and Fitness Tracking

The Lifesense watch helps you keep a track on:

  • Calorie burnt.
  • Walking or running distance.
  • Sleep Activity like hours of sleep, sound sleep hours.
  • Dynamic heart rate monitor with PowerPlus technology.

We always hear about smartwatch or fitness trackers that they are not accurate or even calculate activity when you are idle. This is case with almost every fitness tracker and Lifesense watch is no exception here, but what makes it different from other competitors are the level of error is very less.

The level of accuracy I find is more than 90% when it comes to keeping track of step counts, calorie burnt and distance which I feel is quite good keeping the affordable Lifesense watch price.


Not only that, it helps you track down your sleep activity in which it shows how many hours you slept out of which how much is deep and light sleep. I find the sleep activity data accurate to a great extent.


There is one more option in Lifesense watch which helps you to track your running activity directly from the watch. Yes, swiping left or right will take you to an option where you can play, pause and stop according to your needs. Once you are done with running and stop the counter, it will show the data like total steps, calorie burnt and heart rate.


Last but not the least, let me tell about Lifesense watch app. I feel the app is quite minimal, there are no complications and even your nanny could understand it in minutes.


Besides that, you can share your health data with family and friends. It comes with beautiful pre-made templates that you can download to share on your social networks. You can add your own photos from the Photo Library and share it further.


Compatibility and Battery Life

The Lifesense Watch is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can get the call alerts, alarm alerts, SMS alerts and more. As far as battery life is concerned, I charged the watch 5 days back and still 20% is left despite the fact that it has a big display and is expected battery drainage to a great extent. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. The battery is expected to last for 6-7 days, which is a pretty fair deal. Isn’t it?



  • Big display
  • Good battery life
  • Pocket-friendly
  • It has a USB charging system so that the users don’t have to bother about carrying a charger and wire while on the go.
  • Gives accurate step counts and sleep timer
  • Waterproof and Dustproof capabilities


  • The touchscreen sometimes doesn’t respond.
  • Alerts about SMS even the feature is  turned off.

Lifesense Watch Price & Availability

Lifesense watch is available on Amazon. in and comes with a price of Rs.3,995. There is only one color available as of now, i.e. Black. However, company will introduce various types of bands in the near future.


Lifesense Watch: Whether you Should Buy it or Not?

So, here’s our Lifesense Watch review after using it for more than a week. But, what is the review without telling you whether you should it buy Lifesense Watch or not.

If I am asked to buy the Lifesense Watch, I would not think for even once as in such a price range, it is one of the best looking and functionally smart watches one could find. Waterproof, dustproof adding to the watch capabilities and build-in USB charger makes it no.1 choice in this price segment.


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