Lifestage : Video-centric Social App by Facebook for the Teens


Facebook that has taken over various kinds of social networking platforms of the past is leaving its users surprised with new and super cool features. The features being introduced now and then are proving to be of utilitarian value too besides enhancing user-experience. Lately introduced is the teens-only app, namely Lifestage. Want to know more about the app? Well, read on! ths

Lifestage is an application that converts bio of the user into videos. Wizkid of 19-year-old Michael Sayman, Lifestage is a standalone iOS app for below 21 years of age. Targeting the young audience the app doesn’t ask the users to provide all the information in the text form instead shoot the videos and upload the same. Once users are done with making the clips and uploading them, Lifestage app converts them into the bio video that others can watch instead read about you.


In the anticipation to target the highschool going students, the app is available for only for Apple users. Technically, people of any age can download the app and anyone of the age 22 or older can see their own profile. Incase, the user wants to block someone, simply swipe and that’s it.


The Lifestage application enables users to discover video profiles of their schoolmates and learn more about them, their shared interests, passion and likewise. Each time someone updates their page, other users will be able to check it out in their prompting feeds.


To be the part of the app and make best use of it, the users need to select their school name after signing up. This way they will be able to see other people’s profile that too only after least 20 other students from the same school have registered on it. After the users’ school is unlocked, they can easily access the profiles of others, discover others who are into the same stuff and connect with them.


Now let’s take a quick recap to give you an insight into Lifestage App :

  • It is developed by Michael Sayman.
  • It’s a teens only app created for highschool goers to let them connect with other students (classmates and schoolmates).
  • The app is currently available for iOS users.
  • Students under the age of 21 can download the app.
  • Users are required to upload selfies and videos describing their likes/dislikes, friends, and interests with short clips. This eliminates the need to write the text or upload standard profile photos.
  • Minimum 20 users of the same school need to register to connect with each other.
  • Lifestage is available for free download at iTunes.
  • Once your school is unlocked, you can discover video profiles created by other students of your school and learn more about them. Find contacts for all your favorite people and let others know how to get in touch with you.

All in all, Lifestage is an iOS app that works on serious stuff to help teenagers connect with their school mates in a simple way without worrying about the authenticity of the users. Users of Lifestage app don’t read what’s up at the other end instead check out video profiles to know about other students of the same school.

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