How to Request a Verified Account on Twitter


While looking at a Twitter account of any celebrity/public figure, brand, journalists, sports person and politician you might have noticed that a blue tick mark at the right hand top of the profile picture which indicates that this page is original and the account is verified by Twitter. Till now this facility wasn’t available for a common man, but now Twitter has open it for everyone and people like you and me can also request for it by filling a form on its website.

In this form the user needs to fill genuine information like his active phone number and email address, a profile picture and describe why the verification is essential for him/her.

Let us tell you that Twitter does not consider any person eligible for verification on the basis of their followers or number of tweets. They have already clarified that if the account is intended to be of public interest then they may verify it.


By opening up this verification process for a common man, Twitter wants to encourage creators such as writer, author, composer etc. and entrepreneurs. Verified accounts will let people follow their real Twitter account, thus they would be able to build trust and connect with more people.

What are the Key Requirements to Submit a Request?

If your account is of public interest and you think it should be verified by Twitter then provide the following information first:

  • An active and verified phone number
  • A valid email address
  • Your bio
  • Your profile picture
  • Header image
  • If the account is for a person and not for a company or brand, then your date of birth
  • Your website link
  • Tweets set as public in Tweet privacy settings

Recommendations for Twitter Account and Profile

There are a few characteristics that make easy for a person or a company to get verified account on Twitter. Do check if you have the same characteristics before requesting for a verified account.

  • If the account belongs to an individual than the name represents the real or screen name of the person.
  • If the account is created for a corporation or company then the name represents the real name of that company.
  • The profile picture and header photo represent the brand, company or person for whom the account has been created.
  • An official email address of the company is required for the account created for a brand or company.

Additional Information

While filling the information about yourself or your brand, you need to give some more information as well, so that Twitter can access the form in a better way.

  • Twitter will ask you that why the account should be verified, by asking this question they would like to get an idea of the mission of your company and if the account belongs to an individual then they would like to understand his/her influence on the field.
  • Choose websites that are relevant to your field while providing URLs
  • They might ask you to upload a scanned copy of your government-issued ID proof to confirm your identity.

How to Submit a Request to Verify a Twitter Account

For requesting a verified Twitter account, you need to fill up a form. Here’s the linkClick on “Continue” and you’ll see a page where you will asked for Twitter username.

If your username is correct, click on continue and if yours is a company, brand or organization account, you have to check the box.


Click on “Next” and you have to give some more information like two websites link and a reason why you need the account to be verified.


Once you have filled the details, click on “Next” and Twitter will verify the details you submitted. Click on “Submit” button if you are OK with the details you have filled.


Twitter will send an email within 30 minutes of sending the request and let you know about the status. If your request gets denied, then you need to wait for 30 days from the date when you receive the email from Twitter to submit another request. If you do not receive the email after submitting the request, then visit to their support website.

So, following these steps you can request for a Twitter verified account and increase your user’s trust and credibility. Though, Twitter surely eased the process if you are looking to get a verified account on Twitter.


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