How to Setup and Manage Google Play Family Account


Google Play, formally known as the Android Market is the official app store for Android, which offers a range of online music, eBooks, games, movies and various apps. If you have Android based operating system in your smartphone, tablet or any similar device then Google Play is just like an ocean from where you can buy and download as many apps as you want. ths

Now, it is obvious that if you download any app on your phone, then your family members will also be curios to have it in their phones. There should be a way to share it with family members and that’s why google has come with a new plan named Google Play Family Library, which will allow 6 people to share one google play account. Prior to this Google launched family music plan last year, which was appreciated by users, and now they have expanded the service to more features. The plan will be rolled out worldwide by the end of this month in many countries and now working in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and United States.

In this article, we will be talking about how to setup Google Play family account in your phone or tablet. But before that, let’s talk about what are the requirements to setup Google Play family account. Please note that setting up a Google Play family account will work on Android devices only, not on iOS or browser.

What is the Criteria for a Manager of the Google Play Family Account?

If you meet the criteria, then you can set up a family account on Google Play to buy features like Google play Music family plan for your group and they will also have access to such tools. In order to set up the account you need to add a payment method and being the family manager you would be responsible for every purchase. Switching the family group is allowed only once in a year. A person who wants to create a Google account should,

  • Has to be an adult and age should be 18 or above
  • Has to have a valid credit card
  • Shouldn’t be a member of any other family group on Google Play
  • His/her Google Account shouldn’t be through school or workplace.
  • Has to be a citizen of Australia, Germany, Japan, Brazil, France, Canada, United States or U.K.

What is the Criteria to be a Member of the Family account?

After creating a group, a family manager can invite up to five members to join it. Each member has to meet the following criteria to be a member of that group,

  • A member has to be 13 years of age or older.
  • He/She must have an active google account which should be from school or work.
  • Should be a citizen of the same country
  • Shouldn’t be an active member of any other google play family group.
  • Family members are also allowed to switch group only once in a year.

What are the Steps to Create a Google Play Family Account?

A user cannot set up the family group from any iOS browser or device, they need to download and open the Play Music app on their Android device.

  • Go to Google Play Music Icon
  • Click on Menu icon on top left corner


  • Select “Subscribe”


  • Select “Family” and click on “Set up Family” at the bottom right corner


  • Click on “Get Started” and then on “Continue” to add your payment details. 


After this it will ask you to set the payment method which will be used by the family members to buy and download any service. In order to choose a payment method you can select any exiting credit card or add details of any new one.

  • Once you update the payment info, touch “Accept”.

Now you can invite your family members to join the group but make sure that you invite only those people are trustworthy because the amount would be deducted from your credit card and you would be responsible for their purchase through Google Play. In order to invite a member,

  • Select Invite
  • Touch Continue
  • Continue Music Purchase
  • Touch Subscribe.

You will get an email confirmation when a member joins you.

So, these are the simple steps that will help you to setup Google Play family account and manage it later.

If You have a smartphone phone or any other device that runs on Android based OS then it is open for you, but is advisable to use the facility to create a group and involving others carefully as this could be problematic if a member spend too much money to buy desired apps without taking your permission to do so.


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