The Best Chromebook Apps Worth Downloading


Chromebooks are inexpensive laptops that store information in the cloud form, making sure that not much of the space on your system is used up. Saving from virus attacks, the updates are done automatically without the need for manual downloads. Chromebooks stretches with two gains: one battery life and the other offline efficiency.

Chromebooks are gaining popularity these days and so as the need of best Chromebook apps are increasing. There are hundreds of popular Chromebook apps already available on the store, but finding the good ones which increases the efficiency of your laptop and your productivity is somewhat a tedious task. This is the reason, we thought to bring up the list of best Chromebook apps or we can call it as best Chrome OS apps so that you don’t have to research it on your own.

Without further adieu, here are the handpicked best apps for Chromebook which we have brought up for you. So, let us gyrate in the world of presenting these best Chrome OS apps:

1. Polarr Photo Editor

Polarr is the smartest and the robust photo editor for ChromeOS. If you are passionate about editing photos, then this is the best app waiting for you on Chromebook. This photo editing app has a face editing pane, gradient masking, adjusting face width, multiple blend modes, advanced text tools and many more local adjustment tools to help you get the perfect picture.


2. Black Menu for Google

Black Menu is an app dedicated to Google. With Black Menu app you can translate the text, check Google map, get updates on the latest news, calendar, set reminders, watch your favourite videos on YouTube and add pages as per your wish.


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3. Office Online

The online Office suite allows the users to view, create and edit files using the Microsoft apps like- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Sway. Office Online offers a real-time collaboration feature which means that multiple people can edit the same task at a time. It provides Office file format support, and fifteen gigabytes of storage space because all the files are stored in the cloud storage, so it does not take much of the space.

4. WeatherBug

There are many best Chromebook apps for weather forecasting, but WeatherBug is one app that makes all the information at one place. The app offers most accurate local current conditions, forecast, Doppler radar and accesses the world’s largest network of real-time weather. It not only predicts the weather condition, but also offers with fastest sever alert and lightning sensors.


5. Postman

Postman is the complete tool for API developers. It is designed from the ground to support the API developer. It is better, easier and offers a fastest collaboration. Some of the features provided are: share of documentation, mock servers, monitoring, Postman API, integration to connect all the apps with Postman and Newman. It makes every effort to be clean and flexible to according to your needs.


6. Paperpile

This is another best Chrome OS apps which we feel that has to be on the list. Paperpile keeps all the papers and your important documents in a manageable way without creating any trouble. When you need to know any author or publication year, Paperpile just finds in a very easy way. It keeps all your presentations, documents or essential researches into a library, so when you recall that any leaflets, it provides you with the most accurate information. It highlights the notes with special marks, shares and collaborates in Google Docs.


7. VLC for Chrome

When we talk about best Chromebook apps, this has to be on the list for sure. VLC is designed to play almost any audio or video format, network streams and DVD ISO. There are various features in VLC that makes it one of the best media player in the world.


8. Evernote

If you find any good clips, you can save them all in Evernote app and when you want to see the details, you can get them easily.  If the clip is relevant then it can be shared with others by focusing on the main section and letting the user understand what you are trying to say. It works well if you clip from Gmail, LinkedIn, YouTube and Amazon.


9. Lucidchart

This Chromebook app is a flowchart creator that you can use for the engineering, business or designing purposes. You can select the layout which is best suited, with the selection of individual shapes to carry a sequential order to perform a process. It empowers the visual communication, whether in an office or in any organization giving presentation with Lucidchart becomes easy. It also supports Microsoft Visio documents and can also publish a flowchart online.

10. LastPass

By just remembering one master password keeps you away from writing PIN again and again. Once saving your password can help you out in two ways: first, it goes with all your devices and secondly, logging in become trouble-free. You can safely keep all the personal details like the Wi-Fi passwords, insurance cards, memberships and much more. While purchasing online it pays all your cost and fill all the details for shipping. With prior it also keeps all the details encrypted and is 100% secured and trusted one.


11. Enjoy Music Player

Enjoy Music Player is a must have Chromebook app which supports both local and online tune. The tracks get automatically updated from the list. It works and saves the list with Google Drive. Facilitating with music equalizer, mini mode and fade in/out effect.


12. Cloud9

There is no need to setup the settings for Cloud9. You can easily start-up your work in the coding form directly. The program can be easily run in Ubuntu wokspace in the cloud. It manages all your files and lines of code in the editor to avoid inconvenience and fasten the work by selecting the suitable code; providing with built-in terminal facilitates the development stack. It supports almost 40 computer languages like Python, JavaSricpt, Go and many more. It also builds WordPress, Django and Rails Websites in OS combinations.


13. Video Speed Controller

If you love to watch the videos, then this is the cream of the crop app. It works on HTML5 video. The speed controller controls the speed by increasing, decreasing or resetting the playback speed. Through this app, the video can be rewind or advance by 10 seconds and the show/hide controller. These options are available on the left corner of the video player.


14. JSTorrent

The JSTorrent helps to download all the torrent files directly into the download folder. It can manage your files up to fifteen gigabytes and even supports the lower Chromebooks.


15. Inbox by Gmail

We often use Inbox for simply mailing purpose. Yet it is also the substitute for helping you out in a more efficient way. The additional feature it arranges for us is the reminder for the personal details, bundling the same message which is supposed to send to everyone, snoozing option and highlighting the news without opening the message. This is one of the best apps for Chromebook if you are an avid Gmail user.


16. Pocket

No internet connection! This problem can be resolved by installing pocket. Pocket saves all your links, mails, articles, videos or more to the most suitable app which can help you read even if you are offline. The saved items can be viewed later. All the things are drafted to one place, so no more cluttering.


17. Kami

Kami is the number 1 online PDF viewer where collaboration becomes easy in real time. Making available with digital pen and paper to draw or insert image, insert digital sign, highlight, strikethrough, text and voice annotation, underline and be able to add text. It works both with Google Drive, or Google Classroom and can split or merge files.


These are the best Chromebook apps that we think are worth downloading and covers all the things you need while working on Chromebook. Which one of these best apps for Chromebook you are using on your laptop? Do let us know in the comments section below.



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