How to Transfer Music from an Apple iPod to Desktop


Music makes the world go round. Music lovers go to any extent to enjoy their favorite tracks, be it transferring the same from one device to another, downloading or asking from friends. Old songs they say don’t go anywhere, there may be many songs that are added to our collection.

I have an iPod with me and recently, I thought of transferring my old collection songs (some of them) and merging the same with my latest ones. Handling Apple devices can be little tricky when it comes to transferring songs from one device to another, from iPod to Mac or any PC to be precise.

If you are using a Mac or PC, you would need to have iTunes, which will help you get the task done with ease. However, iTunes also doesn’t work in favor when it comes to checking the duplicate songs. It copies them all which can be quite frustrating.

You got to first connect your iPod to PC or Mac using connector (that came with your iPod).

Please make sure that all pop ups should be ignored. Do not click on any popup else iTunes will work on its own without asking for your permission, which would end up in big time frustration.

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Hope it is clear till. Now, once you are done with setting up your device and it is time to find out the procedure that will help you to transfer music from iPod to desktop. To do the same, we are using an app called iExplorer, this method worked in our favor and is easier to follow.

So, without wasting any time further, have a look at how to transfer music from iPod to computer.

  • Download iExplorer app. Though, it is a free trial version but you don’t need to buy it for transferring songs from iPod to computer.
  • Thereafter the window pops up displaying your iPod/iTunes information in a layout.


  • Click on the Music button which will load your iPod data into the program.
  • The Device Overview screen pops up. It will allow you to explore your Media Library. 
  • Choose Music and Auto Transfer. It will auto-recover everything on your iPod into your iTunes library.


  • If you are planning to transfer particular songs, then you can select multiple tracks in the Media Library.
  • Hold down the Control or Command keys to select songs.
  • Thereafter, head over to the menu tab and choose Transfer from Device or right-click and Export Selected Playlist to iTunes.


This is one simple suggestive method for those who are looking to transfer their songs from iPod to Mac or PC. All you need is iTunes and iExplorer that you got to download and follow the above listed easy steps. This way, you can transfer the iPod songs (single or all) to your computer without any fuss.

If you have any such suggestive way out for others that will help them to transfer iPod music to computer, don’t forget to share with us in your comments below.

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