How to Use Instagram Stories Like A Pro

Instagram is super popular photo editing and sharing app between smartphone users these days. People are so addicted that they use these apps on desktops these days and that is the reason we shared some of the best Instagram apps for Mac OS. But, we are not here to tell how popular Instagram is!

Recently, Facebook owned photo app Instagram has recently launched a new feature, namely Instagram Stories which allows users to boast all moments throughout the day. Apart from the profile pictures, you can share unlimited videos and images together in a slideshow format with your own creativity.

You can also use text and drawing to elaborate your story in multiple ways which can be viewed by your friends. The photos and videos will disappear from your profile grid after 24 hours.

This article will help on how to use Instagram stories easily, master it and impress your Instagram users.

1. Update your Instagram

In order to get this new facility on your existing Instagram app, you need to update to the latest version first. If you use an iPhone then go to the App Store and find the latest instalment under your update tab. The Android users can go to Play Store and look for the Instagram app, then tap on update to get the latest one.

2. Make a New Story

You would be able to see a small plus sign on the top left corner of your feed to add a new one. You can tap on the photo button for the image and hold it shoot a video and create the first part of your story or swap down to grab another photo or video.


3. Make your Story Interesting Annonations, Emojis or Text

You can bring keypad to enter text which can accessed by tapping ‘Aa’ button which refers to the alphabet at the top. You can also tap the pen icon to show your creative skills.


Once you are finished with decorating the picture, tap ‘done’ to make it ready for the story. If you are not satisfied with the image, you can hit cancel to remove it. You need to tap the ‘Download’  icon to save the image. Apart from text, you can also annotate your images with emoji and doodles.


4. Keep Tabs on Viewers

It is simple to find out how popular your story is by keeping an eye on viewers. You can see the numbers and easily figure out who has been watching your videos and images once you open it and swipe up. Only you would be able to see the statistics of your stories. However, people can snoop about your story and hide themselves.


5. Hide your Story or Don’t Want Message Reply on your Story

You can keep your stories private if you want by changing the privacy settings of the account. You can keep it visible to your followers and even hide it from them as per your wish. You can select a particular part of story to show others as well.

For doing that, you have to follow this: Profile Icon > Story Settings > Hide Story From. Not only this, you can choose who can send you message replies on your story. You have to option to choose from “Everyone”, “People you Follow” or completely off this feature.


6. How to Catch Stories of Others?

People who have a public account tend to show their pictures to the rest of the world. If anyone who is being followed by you shares a story, then it will appear at the top of your feed in a bar and you can just tap on it to bring the story.

A colourful rainbow ring will appear around their profile picture to notify about something new. You can just tap on the profile photo to see it and you can simply tap to move back and forth or swipe to view another story. You can send a private message to comment on something but there is no like a button or option to publicize the comment.


7. Show your Love for Other’s Stories

Well, these is no way to like the stories of other users, you can still message reply them to show how much you love their stories or give them any suggestions. Click on “Send Message” at bottom left corner of your screen.

Not only that, they can reply to your message which will show in Messages history, but story will be no more as it vanishes after 24 hours.


8. Download if you can’t See your Story Destroyed

Sometimes, you will create an awesome story and don’t want to get it destroyed after 24 hours. No worries, you can download it in your Phone’s photo library by clicking “3 Dots” at the bottom right corner of your screen.


One you click on “3 Dots”, it will show you three options :

  • Delete: Do we need to tell this
  • Save Photo: To save the story in your Phone’s library
  • Share as Post: You want to show the beautiful story created by you in the form of Instagram Post, then click on this option.
  • Story Settings: To hide the post from specific users or to choose whom you don’t message replies on your stories.


So, these steps or tips will help you on how to use Instagram Stories to master the new feature from one of the most popular apps that is being used by millions of people across the globe. This new feature looks very similar to the Snapchat Memories, but that doesn’t matter because those who like the functionalities of Instagram will not switch to another app for mobile conversation and would be able to continue with the same comfort which they find on this Instagram, not anywhere else.


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