How to Watch Age Restricted YouTube Videos Without Signing In


YouTube is one great platform for the users to check out the latest videos, videos of our interest. From tutorials to motivational videos, reviews, funny videos and likewise, there are many videos on YouTube. Infact, we can watch our favorite television series, movies and much more on YouTube. However, there are certain videos that are 18+ and you are restricted to check out the videos without signing up or logging in.

On our systems, we can think for once to risk our Google account, but if it’s not our own mobile or laptop, we might be at risk of giving login details. If you ever encountered such a situation and wondered if there is a way out, then this got to an informative post worth checking out and sharing with your friends.

You can check out such videos that are categorized as 18+ ones and ask you for logging in without having to do so. Yes, you read it correct. We found two ways to watch age-restricted YouTube videos without signing into your account.

Ist Method

The trick is that you got to look for the desired 18+ video and type something like Raw movie trailer 18+ and click on the search result that appears to be first on the list. If you are not signed in, you’ll see the below screen:


Now, scroll down and below the YouTube video

  • Click on Share button


  • Now, you’ll see Embed option, click on it. You’ll find Show More option, click on it.


  • Voila, here you can see age restricted YouTube video without signing it into your YouTube account.


This is one simple way out to dodge YouTube’s restriction. There is one more trick to open YouTube age-restricted videos without signing into your account, let’s check it out.

IInd Method

Another way would be opening the YouTube video. For example, in this case the URL would be:

Now write ss in front of YouTube URL in the address bar.


By doing this, you will be able to download the video that you can watch without having to login or sign up.


This may not be the choice for all of you. I would rather prefer the previous trick. What would you do in this case?

We found both the tricks on one of the great bloggers and my friend Pradeep Kumar’s HellBound Bloggers Forum where you can find many other useful tricks.

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Also, if you know of any other trick for checking out videos that are categorized as 18 +, do share the information with us all by dropping in the comments below.


  1. Nice guide Yogesh. I would also like to add the third method. You can copy and paste the youtube Url at Then you can watch and download the video


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