iPhone XS Titanium Case

Case manufacturer Gray has turned its focus. The scenarios range from the gray also extend nearly twice the price of the priciest 512GB iPhone XS Max.

Although Gray advertises that the instance “turns your mobile into an object of mystery and power” in more realistic conditions the case comes with an X-shaped design that straps to the rear of the apparatus, and largely shields the device’s four corners having its titanium construction.
For an extra $36, Grey may even engrave your name in to the instance, that will one day serve to memorialize your questionable life decisions.

The iPhone protector comes with a accessory all its own: a fancy box that you can use showing exactly the Alter Ego when it’s not in use. Sadly the box is “just” made with aluminum, indicating its manufacturer, although it’s apparently”aerospace grade” if you’re into that kind of item.

Gray has never announced if its ultra-expensive iPhone XS case will be receiving a protective sheath of its own, however after spending so much money you wouldn’t wish to risk dropping it.

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